2 hours later, we pull up to the safe house. It's different than our house and the house we went to to visit his dad. It looks like a party house to me.

"Come Alaina." He got out of the car and grabbed a still sleeping Dmitry. I got out of the car, and followed Greyson to the house. We were greeted at the door by his mother. "Alaina sweetie I'm glad you're safe." She pulled me in a hug and hugged me tight. She pulled away and turned to Greyson. "And who might this be?" She looked at Dmitry and then back at Greyson. "Is that......"

"Meet your grandson." Tears welled up in her eyes. She took him in her arms and he stirred awake. He looked around, and back at his grandma. "Come in Come in, you can get your things later." We followed her in the house, and everyone stood in the foyer.

The creepy guy from before stared at me, and smirked. I pulled myself closer to Greyson. "He really creeps me out." I whispered in his ear. He looked in the direction I was looking. "Anything you want to say Rome?" He just continued to stare at me. "Not at all sir." He then proceeded to walk away. "Greyson, show Alaina to her room?" My head snapped in her direction. "My room? I-I thought.."

"Yes, I didn't know if you wanted to share with Greyson or not." I looked up to him. "I think I'd be more comfortable sharing with him." She nodded, and went back to playing with Dmitry.

Greyson took my hand, and led me up to our room. It was elegant.

"My mother picked out everything in this room. Not really my tasteful colors." I playfully hit his chest, and walked further into the room. I felt hands go around my waist. "I was thinking, maybe we should break this room in." He peppered kisses down my neck. I closed my eyes and moaned at the sensation. I turned in his arms and pressed my lips against his. He pulled me closer.

"Greyson I need to see you in my office. Now." He pulled away and sighed. "The only person who really would have the balls to interrupt me." He pecked my lips once more before following his father out. I sighed and plopped on the bed. My eyes started drifting closed as I fell into a deep slumber.


I deliberately followed my father into his office along with the rest of my men. Roman stood off to the side looking bored.

"I'm sorry is there some place you'd rather be than here?" He scoffed and muttered under his breath.

"I'd rather be fucking that new slut's brains out." All I saw was red when I stormed over to him. Adam held me back. I pulled my gun from its holster, and pointed it between his eyes.

"Give me a fucking reason not to put a bullet between your eyes." He just smirked at me. I almost pulled the trigger but my father stopped me. "That's enough Greyson."

I still boiled with anger. "I'll deal with you later." I put my gun away, and walked towards my fathers desk. He handed me a folder. I opened it and it was pictures of Alaina and although seeing her like this would make me hard, I boiled with anger. "This shit was taken in my house! The fucker had been in my house already before."

"That's what we need to figure out. You have surveillance all over your house. We need to get it and find out who they are and what they want." I pulled out my phone, and called our security guy.

"Do you see how easy it was to get into your house? Give us the girl!" I fumed with anger. "Over my dead body!" He chuckled darkly. "That my friend can be arranged. You get in my way, I won't hesitate before killing you and then her. Her death is going to be slow and very much so painful. To make this easier, just give her to us and we'll let you live." My father stood up and made a call.

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