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Oh shit . Oh shit . Oh. Shit ! Cameras flashed in mine and Greyson's face. I was almost blinded, but Greyson wrapped an arm around my waist, and pulled me closer to him. "Remember, stay by me." I nodded, and continued walking. "Mr. Kennmore Mr. Kennmore! Is that Alaina Spencer with you!?"

I gulped, and kept my head forward. "Alaina! Smile for the camera!" I was getting overwhelmed by all of this. "Greyson are you and Alaina together!?" Greyson ignored all questions and led me into the big hall. The view was amazing.

 It was anything any girl could dream of

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It was anything any girl could dream of. "It's beautiful Greyson." He smiles down on me, and kissed my head. He walked us over to a middle aged couple. The man I recognized to be Greyson's father. "Mother, Father, this is Alaina Spencer, Alaina, meet my parents, Maria and Marco." I held my hand out to Greyson's mom, but she pulled me in for a hug. "Oh pish posh with the handshaking, I'm a hugger." I was stunned, but I hugged her back. "Greyson here has told me all about you. How do you like working in the office?" I raised an eyebrow and looked at Greyson. "I-I w-well I---."

"She's still adjusting mother, you're making her nervous." His mom smiled at me, and took hold of her husband's arm. "Well we must be going. I'd love to see more of you Alaina." She smiled a genuine smile, and pulled her husband away. I turned and looked at Greyson. "The office?" He pulled me close to him. "It was either that, or tell her I've been fucking your brains out because you're my submissive." That hit a nerve. He pulled me over to the bar, and ordered us some wine. He handed me my glass, and took a sip of his own.

I looked around at all of the fancy rich people standing around talking. I don't fit in here. I just looked at my drink and thought about how shitty my life is. "What's wrong cara mia?" Greyson lifted my chin and looked at me. "I.....I don't fit in here Greyson. I'm just some poor girl who had to strip her way through school." He sat his drink down, and took my face in his hands. "Alaina, you listen to me. To hell with all of these people. They're no better than you. You did what you had to do to survive. More than half of these people cheated their way to the top, whilst you're struggling to survive, you still managed to keep yourself alive and well. That's more than any of these rich assholes here are capable of." His words made me tingle on the inside.

"Well well well, of it isn't Greyson Kennmore and Alaina Spencer." Greyson pulled away and turned towards the intruder. Alesiana. I glared in her direction, and felt Greyson pull me closer to him. "What do you want Alesiana?" She smiled sickly sweet. "I just wanted to come over and say hi to New York's finest couple." Before I could speak, Greyson beat me to the punch. "And just why would you want to do that? There's other couples you could bother but you've chosen to bother us. Why?" She smirked. "I was thinking, we should have sex again, just this time Alaina's out of the picture." I glared hard at her. If only looks could kill.

"You're old news Alesiana. Alaina is all I need." She walked closer to us. "Wouldn't you like to be back with the one who birthed your son." She looked over to me. "You'll never be me Alaina. You can't give him what I've already given him. But you will give him back to me one way or another." I stepped forward but Greyson pulled me back. "I always knew you liked dark haired girls. Nice hair Alaina." She winked, and walked away. I glared daggers in her back and looked back at Greyson. I picked up my drink, and chugged it down. Greyson turned to me and cupped my cheeks. "Don't listen to her Alaina. You've already given me everything I want and need." I looked into his eyes. "Except a son right?" I pulled away, and walked away from him. I know he says I should stay by him but right now I don't want to look at him. I walked outside and onto the balcony. Tears fell down my face, and before I knew it, I was full blown crying, probably messing up my makeup. "Alaina?" I quickly wiped my tears away, and turned around. Greyson stood behind me watching me intently. "Please don't cry mia cara.." he wiped away stray tears and caressed my cheek. "Dmitry wasn't planned... But when I saw him, I became the happiest man on earth. Then out of nowhere, Alesiana gives him away as if he meant nothing to her. I've searched everywhere and there has still been no luck on who has him." He pulled me closer. "Alaina, you have given me everything, even if you don't know what it is you've given me. I have everything I want even if it is a fiery brown headed woman with piercing hazel eyes." I laugh shortly, and sniffled. "You're everything I want Ms. Spencer." He kissed my forehead, and took my hand in his. "Let's get you out of this cold." I nodded, and followed him in. He led me to the dance floor, and wrapped his hands around my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck, and we slowly start dancing to the music. Greyson looked deep into my eyes and for the first time, I wasn't scared of him. His eyes held a lot of emotions, none I could decipher at the moment. He spun me around, and pressed his forehead against mine. He leaned in closer, and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was short and sweet. I could've sworn I saw a camera go off somewhere but I didn't care at the moment. All I care about is me and Greyson in this moment together. Greyson looked behind me, and stiffened. Before I could turn my head, he squeezed my waist. He brought his head closer to my ear. "Alaina, I want you to listen to me carefully," my heart started beating fast. "I want you to go to Adam slowly behind me. Tell him I said to get you out of here, we have company." He kissed my forehead. "Don't ask any questions, just get out of here safely. I will find you. Go now." I pulled away, and walked over to Adam who was talking to an elderly couple. He saw me and immediately perked up. "Alaina, what's wrong?" Before I could speak, the lights shut off, and everyone started screaming. "Alaina, come on!" Adam took my hand and ran me out of the hall. Fuck what is going on and what did Greyson mean by we have company?!



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