Chapter 27

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Greyson just continued to sit there staring into space. "Greyson, baby, what's the matter?" He opened and closed his mouth. He got up and got dressed. "Greyson!" He ran his fingers through his hair. "Th-they um.." he let out a breath of relief. "They've found Dmitry." My eyes widened. "Wh-what? How?"

He continued to get dressed. I got up and got dressed myself. "Where do you think you're going?" I sighed and threw my hair in a bun. "You're not leaving me here by myself and I'm not letting you go by yourself." I guess now it's time to tell him what happened in the elevator.


I walked down to the elevator, and pressed the button. Someone walked up next to me and smiled down to me. "Hot date?" I just nodded. The elevator doors opened, and I stepped in. The guy followed after me. The elevator doors closed and I felt like I was suffocating. "Names Garrison. Garrison Michaelson." He held out his hand. I just shook it and kept quiet. "So I don't get a name?" The elevator doors open, and I hurried out. "Don't worry, I already know it, Alaina Spencer." I stopped in my tracks and turned around. The guy smirked at me, and walked off.


Greyson stood there, fuming. "Alaina, why are you just now telling me this?" I looked away. "Because I didn't want to ruin the night you had planned for us." He walked over to me, and cupped my cheeks. "When will you realize that my world revolves around protecting you. You don't have to keep anything from me just because you don't want to ruin anything. You'll never ruin anything. Your safety is what matters to me." He grabbed my jacket, and put it around my shoulders. "Adam sent me the location. Pack your things, we're leaving tonight." I nodded, and started to pack my things.

Once I finished packing Greyson grabbed my bags and we left.

"Stay by me at all times." I nodded, and held onto him tightly.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped on. I could feel my heart beating fast. "I'm scared.."

He looked down on me. "Me too. Scared of losing you to this." I turned and faced him fully. "You won't..."

"I've finally confessed my feelings for you and I feel like I'm losing you.." This time I was the one to cup his cheeks. "Look at me, you're not going to lose me," you could see the fear of losing me is evident in his eyes.

I pressed my lips against his. "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. I promise." The elevator doors opened, and I pulled him off with me. We didn't even bother checking out, we just rushed to the car.

Turns out, Dmitry is here in Italy, where Alesiana is originally from.

"We have a stop to make before heading to the plane." The driver nodded, and followed the directions Greyson gave him.

We pulled up to a modern looking house and parked. Greyson looked at me and took my hand in his.

I ran my thumb over his knuckles, and followed him out of the car. We walked up to the house and you could tell Greyson was nervous. He knocked on the door three times before an older woman opened the door.

"?" She looked at Greyson, and her face paled.

"Gabriela, who's at the do—-."

An older man then came to the door and his face too paled.

"Please, we don't want trouble. The woman told us you'd never find us." The man held his hands up in surrender.

"Then I assume you know exactly why we are here." They nodded quickly.

"What's it going to take to get him? Is it money you want? Name the price, but I AM leaving here with my son. Tonight."

"No, no money sir. We just want the boy far away from her as possible. You have no idea what she's capable of doing to him. Take him and go. Please." He led us in the house and I looked around. It seems like a very nice home, but only Dmitry would know what really goes on here.

The couple came out, and in their arms was a sleeping little boy about 1, 2 years old. Greyson let out a shaky breath. "Be good to him Greyson. He's a special boy." He nodded, and took Dmitry in his arms. He stirred and opened his eyes.

I could've sworn I saw Greyson tear up. A small tear fell out of my eye. "Greyson, meet your son." He pulled me close to him. "Our son." I looked up at him. "There's no one else I'd want to be his mother than you Alaina." I looked back at Dmitry, and he held his arms out to me. I looked to Greyson to see if it was okay. He nodded and handed him to me.

"Take whatever you can, and hurry. She comes in 3 days." Greyson took the bags from them while I cradle Dmitry to my chest.

Greyson pulled something out of his pocket. "I'm sure you're going to want to keep quiet about this. Get yourselves out of here and quickly."

Greyson handed the man what looked like a shit ton of money. He grabbed my hand, and walked us back to the car.

The driver held the door open for us as we quickly got in.

Dmitry has fallen back to sleep in my arms. Greyson ran his fingers through his hair, and looked over to me. "How am I gonna do this Greyson... I don't have a single motherly bone in my body." The driver pulled off and towards the location of Greyson's plane.

"Alaina, I trust you with my life. I know we had a rough start, but I've loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you. There's no one I'd trust with my son other than my family and you are part of my family Alaina. I trust you with his life. I know you'll do every thing you can to protect him. I know that you will love him as if he were your own child." I looked down at the sleeping child again. He had my jacket bunched up in his hand.

"You really think I can do this?" He took my hand in his and kissed it. "I do." We pulled up to the field where the plane was. The driver opened the door, and let us out. I'll surely miss Italy, but we've got to get back to our lives and our lives now revolve around protecting one another and now protecting our son. Lord, please help me in raising a child and protecting him with my life.



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