I groaned, and tried on yet another dress. It was white with diamonds, and was floor length with a slit on the side. "No, it shows too much." I sighed dramatically, and stormed back in the dressing room. Greyson chuckled loudly, as I tried to get the zipper down. The fucker was stuck! I groaned, and opened the door. He stood there looking amused. "Unzip me." He tried to stifle his laugh, but helped me unzip my dress. I tried to walk away, but he held me by my waist. "You're sexy when you're annoyed." He kissed behind my ear, and nibbled on the lobe. I suppressed a moan, and pulled away from him quickly. I go back in the dressing room, and put my back against the door. I can't let him affect me. A week away from him, and I won't lie, I've missed him a lot, but I was only a slave to him, nothing more. I slipped out of the dress, and slid on the last dress. It was sort of a teal color and had a V-cut in the bust area. I looked in the mirror, and gasped. The dress was beautiful. It fit me in all the right places, and I couldn't have picked a better dress than this.

I walk out, and show Greyson the dress. He almost drooled at the sight of me. "I want this one." He shook out of his trance, and nodded. "I-It looks good." Did. He. Just..... Greyson Kennmore said something nice for a change!? I felt a blush rise before I hid it and went back in the dressing room to change my  clothes. I dressed quickly, and brought the dress out. I grabbed the rest of my things, and headed for the check out. Greyson took the dress from me, and pulled out his wallet. "Go and find some shoes to go with this." Before I could argue, he raised his eyebrow saying 'test me if you like'. I sighed and went to find shoes. I really didn't feel like looking around for shoes, so I picked up a silver stiletto heels, and analyzed it. They would go great with the dress. I shrugged my shoulders, and headed back towards Greyson. He stood there talking on his phone when I placed the heels on the counter. "Alright...........Alright bye." He hung up the phone and shoved it in his pocket. Greyson pulled out his platinum credit card and handed it to the woman. My eyes widened. "Greyson, I could've---." He held his hand up silencing me. "What would I look like making my fiancé pay?" I huffed and crossed my arms. What could I do to get this man to actually do things my way. He held the dress and the shoe bag in his hand, and waited for me to take his hand. I took it and he led me out of the store. "Where to now?" He unlocked the doors, opening mine for me and waiting for me to get in. "Now Ms. Spencer, it's time to get back to the hotel so we can have this conversation." He slammed the door, and I gulp. Fuck what did I really get myself into here!?



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