Greyson ran his fingers over his lips, as he watched me finish eating. "Mr. Kennmore, if you don't mind, I have to head home." He picked up his wine glass. "You may go Maurecia, I will see you tomorrow." I just sat there quiet. "You're awfully quiet over there Alaina," I looked up at him. "That's unlike you." I sighed. "I'm just getting used to things here Sir." He smiled. "You'll get used to it. Now, come." He stood and held his hand out to me."Yes Sir."

"Sir, your brother has stopped by as I was going out." I looked up, and saw a handsome man, about in his mid 20's. He had a 5 o'clock shadow, and messy hair. "Who is this lovely young lady?" I looked up to see the guy inches away from my face. I looked over to Greyson and he nodded his head.

"Alaina. Alaina Spencer sir" He held his hand out. I took it and shook it. He never let go. "So sweetheart, what the hell has my brother been doing to you? You look so......... Out of it." I looked up at Greyson. I see quite a resemblance.

"Well, Mr. Kennmore and I met at my job, and instantly became acquainted." He chuckled. "She's good. She listens to get what she wants." The man cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah? I'd like to see that one day."

"How about now?" Greyson smirked. "How about it Adam, this only happens once." Greyson was in front of me, rubbing on my breasts. "Damn, she's got some nice knockers." Adam walked over to me, and pulled down my pants. I didn't have anything on under my clothes, since, well I wasn't going anywhere.

"You're wet Ms. Alaina." He bent down behind me, and spread my cheeks. He blew over my area, before licking lightly. I bit my lip and tugged on Greyson's shirt. Greyson pulled my shirt over my head, massaging my breasts more. He dove down, and took one of my nipples in his mouth. "Mmm." Adam swirled his tongue in me. I fist my hand in his hair, while leaning into Greyson's body.

"Oh, fuck."

He gripped my thighs in the process, sucking on my gentle spot. Greyson captured my lips. I moaned into his mouth. "Shit Alaina."

"Grey, you've gotta get a taste of this." He smirked, and walked us into the living room. Adam pulled his cock out of his pants. "Touch it." I slowly groped his cock, and started stroking it up and down. He let out soft groans. Greyson blew on my soft spot before devouring me. I threw my head back, and moaned. Adam moved towards my mouth. I licked the head, and took him in my mouth. "Shit, Alaina." He groaned, and thrust in my mouth deep and fast. I groaned at the feeling of them dominating me at the same time.

Adam grew, as he came in my mouth. He groaned loud, and pulled out. Greyson came back up before I had the chance to cum. "Hands and knees." I got up, and positioned myself like he said. Greyson pulled his pants off, and laid on the couch. He unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt, showing off his toned muscles. "Now," Adam's hand came down hard on my ass. "I want you to suck Greyson's cock, while I ram this pretty little pussy of yours. Understand?"

"Yes Sir." I bent down, and took Greyson into my mouth. I felt Adam enter me slowly, before thrusting hard. I moaned on Greyson's cock as Adam continued thrusting. "Shit, your mouth feels fucking great." I looked up at him. His eyes were shut, and he was biting his lip. Adam's hand came down on my ass again, causing me to yelp.

"Shit you're gonna make me fucking burst Alaina." And with that, he gripped my hair in his hands and fucked my throat. My sucking matched his every thrust. He held my head there, and shoved his cock more down my throat, causing me to gag around him. "Ah fuck do that again." Adam continued thrusting in me. "Fuck your pussy is so fucking tight." Greyson continued fucking my throat. "Fuck fuck  fuck I'm gonna fucking come!" One more thrust and he came in my mouth around the same time I could feel myself about to come around Adam. I licked off the rest of his after cum, looking back at Adam as he was still pounding in me. "Fuck!" He pumped deeper. "Beg me. Beg me to take you harder." I moaned aloud. "Please! Please take me harder!" He started to pump harder, causing me to scream out in pleasure.

I can feel it. I'm going to cum. "Oh, please, let me come! Mm......" He thrusted deeper and harder. "Look at Greyson as you're coming Alaina." He smacked my ass, causing a scream to come out as a moan. Greyson took my left nipple into his warm mouth, staring deep into my eyes. I bit my lip, as I screamed out my release. Adam soon followed after me. I collapsed on top of Greyson. He let out a soft chuckle. "Damn man, You've worn her out." He brushed a strand of hair out of my face.

"My turn." I sat up slowly, and looked at him. I felt his hard cock poking at my entrance. Greyson lifted me up, so that I hovered over his hard length.

He slid me down on his cock as I moaned out softly. "Shit you're fucking tight." I pressed my hands firmly on his chest, and started to bounce faster. It made me want to be taken again and again until I beg for mercy. My pussy was so sore, but it only made me want more. I could feel myself getting ready to come again "Ah ah ah, don't you dare come without my permission ." I bit my lip, and leaned down kissing him. "Oh please let me cum Sir." He thrusted faster. "Oh fuck come baby." I groaned and let out a long moan. I collapsed on his chest once again

"Damn Alaina you're really good. Maybe Greyson should let us do this again sometime."Before I could answer Greyson spoke up. "Why don't you go on up and take a shower?" I nodded, and got off of him . I grabbed my clothes, and walked back up the stairs. I walked in my room, and to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I could hear voices outside the door. "So?"

I pressed my ear against the bathroom door.

"So, when are you gonna come out and tell me you've got feelings for this girl already?" I choked on air. Greyson has feelings for me!?

"Wha-what!? I do not have feelings for her." I sighed in relief. "Mhmm, so why do you have a questioning look on your face?" I tried listening harder, pressing my face against the door more. "I bet you 500 bucks you're gonna fuck her nice and slow tonight." I scoffed. Like that's gonna happen. The thing with Greyson is, he doesn't like to go slow. He likes it fast and hard. "Actually, I made dinner plans for the two of us for tomorrow night to discuss her contract more, so eat that stronzo ." I stifled a laugh.

"And after the dinner, you're gonna have passionate sex, and I win 500 bucks." I rolled my eyes. Maybe he shouldn't doubt Greyson. He's a very..promising man. 

"Vaffanculo," I moved away from the door, and turned the shower on. I stepped in, and let the water hit me.  I could've sworn I heard a knock. "Alaina?" I tensed up, and turned the water off. "Y-yes sir?"

"Could you come out here please." I gulped, and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a towel, and proceeded to open the door. I walked back in my room, and saw Greyson sitting on my bed. I walked over to the bed, and stood in front of him. He looked up at me. "Yes sir?" He stood up, and pulled me closer.

"I didn't mean to disturb, I thought you were done." He stroked my cheek. "No, it's fine. I was gonna get out soon anyway." My towel started to slip off. "Here, let me help you." He snatched the towel off, leaving me exposed to him. "Your body should never be hidden from me." He kneeled down, and kissed my tattoo, on down to my now soaking pussy.

"This pussy is mine." He licked slowly. I threw my head back, and moaned. "These breasts are mine." His hands traveled up to my breasts. I bit my lip, as I watched him. He stood up, and slipped his fingers in my pussy. "These lips are mine." He cupped my cheek with his free hand, and crashed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Everything about you is MINE!" He slapped my ass, possibly leaving a print. "Don't you forget it." He pulled away from me, and left me standing there. I wonder what that was all about.



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