3 Months.. it's been 3 months since I was taken away from Greyson. How'd I manage to survive 3 months of this.. most girls die from the amount of pain inflicted on them. I stood from the floor, my body having an immense amount of pain. I walked over to the food that was placed out for us. It made you want to barf. I almost did. I sat back down, and curled up in a ball, the chains rattling on the ground. A door slammed against the wall as Roman came closer to me. He bent down and lifted my chin. "Doesn't daddy take care of you well?" I looked into his eyes and spit in his face. He wiped the spit away, and slapped me hard. When I held my hand to my face, he'd forced my legs open, and unzipped his pants, filling me. I tried kicking him off but he punched me and pinned me down.

"Sir! We have a problem!" I heard gunshots throughout the house. "I'll deal with you later." He stood and hurried out of the room. I grabbed my possibly broken ribs, and tried holding in the tears, but failed. I missed Greyson so much. I missed the way he comfort me, kissed me, held me. Made me feel safe.. My eyes started closing, my body numbing from the pain. The last thing I heard was the door slamming against the wall and someone yelling at me.


GREYSON (Before finding Alaina)

3 months. 3 fucking months and there's still no lead on her! Whoever took her knew exactly how to keep her hidden. Roman was still missing, no one knew of his whereabouts. I haven't slept properly in months. I miss her. I'm not complete without her. I cursed everything and everyone in my path. I've had to drink myself to sleep because I couldn't sleep without her. Everyone thinks I'm losing my mind when really, I lost the love of my life. I poured myself another drink and looked at Alaina's picture on my desk. I had taken it in Italy.

She looked so happy then

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She looked so happy then. I slammed my drink on the desk, and walked out of the office. Stella walked past me, and touched my chest. "I'm so sorry Greyson. I wish someone knew where she was and if she was okay." I ignored her for the most part, but something caught my eye. A ring. But not just any ring it was.. PIMS RING!! THE RING I'D GIVEN TO ALAINA! My blood started boiling. I choked her against the wall with all I had in me. "Where. Is. She." She tried to take my hand from around her neck but failed. I choked harder. "WHERE IS SHE!" Adam, my father and a few other men came running up the stairs. "What's going on!?" I still had my hand wrapped around her neck. "She has Alaina's fucking ring! She knows where she is!" I looked back at her. "I'm giving you one last chance. Where. Is. She." I let her go and she fell to the floor gasping for air.

"Sh-she's in a secret hideout. It's off of I-62. It's an old building." I snatched the ring off of her finger and put it in my pocket. "Take her to the basement." Fear overcame her as Adam and Fernando took her. I walked back in the office, and grabbed my gun from under the desk.

I looked back at the picture and put the gun in it's holster. "Hang on, I'm coming princess."

I walked out of the office and down the stairs. Adam stood at the bottom of the stairs with 6 of my men. "Ready when you are boss." I nodded and walked out with them following me.

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