Adam gripped my hand tight as he ran us through the dark. It's as if he knows exactly where to run. He backed me up into a wall. "Alaina, I need you to be very quiet okay? Can you do that for me?" I nodded slowly. He pulled out his phone and turned the flashlight on. He crept around the corner, and made sure it was safe to continue. He moved forward, and instantly pushed me against the wall. "Stay right where you are Kennmore." A tall man came out of the shadows. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Give us the girl." Adam chuckled darkly. "And what exactly makes you think I'll give her to you?" I felt something creep up by me and in an instant Adam had a gun pulled out shooting the person behind me and the one in front of him. My ears rang as Adam tries shaking me out of my trance and ran me out of the building. There was a car waiting for us outside. Adam shoved me in and got in himself. "Alaina are you okay?" I was now shaking with fear. "Fuck Greyson's gonna kill me." He mumbled to himself.

I was too scared to even look over at him. Now I really believe Greyson when he said he was apart of a Mafia. We pulled up to Greyson's house and I immediately got out of the car, running away from Adam. "Alaina!" I banged on the door and Maurecia opened it quickly. "Alaina? Wha----Alaina!?" I ran past her and up to my room, locking the door behind me. I sat on the floor, shaking. I have never seen anyone get killed before. My dress was covered in blood and so were my shoes. I can only imagine how Adam looked...


Fuck where is she!? Adam wasn't picking up his phone, and Alaina's phone is still at the house. Dammit! I drove crazy, dodging traffic. They had better be okay! My tires screeched as I stopped in front of my home. I immediately ran up to the gate, punching in the code, and running up to the door.  I opened the door, and ran up the stairs. "Alaina!?" Adam came from around the corner. "I fucked up Grey!" I choked him up against the wall. "Where is she Adam!?"

"Her room. I had to kill in front of her. They tried to get to her." I let go of him and backed up. "She's scared of me, and probably you too." He was covered in blood. I imagine Alaina is as well. I walked over to her door. "Alaina.... Alaina sweetie, open the door." I pressed my ear against the door. I could hear her sobbing. "Cara Mia... Please open the door so we could talk." I heard shuffling on the other side and a lock clicking. I looked back at Adam. "Go get cleaned up." He nodded and walked away. I opened the door and walked in the room. I closed the door behind me and locked it. Alaina sat on her bed, staring at her hands. I then noticed she had blood on her hands and dress. Fuck. "Let's get you cleaned up." I took her hands in mine, and walked her in the bathroom. She stayed quiet the whole time. I turned on the hot water, and put soap on her hands. "Rub your hands together for me cara mia." She did as I said and ran her hands under the water. I looked down at her dress again. "Your dress is ruined..." She just stood still, looking at the ground. I kissed her forehead, and went over to the bathtub, filling it up with soap and water. I myself am covered in blood, but you can't see it because I'm in all black. I loosened my tie, and took off my jacket and shirt. Once the tub was filled, I stopped it, and looked back at Alaina. "Join me?" She was still silent. I walked behind her, and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Fuck stay down boner! Now isn't the time. Her shoes were covered in blood as well.

Dammit Adam.. She had never seen anyone get killed before and by the looks of it, she wished she hadn't seen it.

I took her shoes off , and saved her underwear for last. I took the remaining things off, and started taking my clothes off. I led her over to the bath, and stepped in, pulling her with me. I pulled her back so that she was pressed against my chest. This goes against all that I am, but for right now, she needed comfort, and that's just what I'm here to do. Comfort her, take away her pain, keep her safe.

I really am changing and I don't know whether to like it, or continue pushing it away. She's making me soft. I haven't been acting like that dominant creature I once was when I first got her as a submissive. I guess her leaving really opened my eyes to how much she actually means to me. Dammit Alaina, you weren't supposed to change me. You weren't supposed to make me feel. You weren't supposed to make me fall for you. I'm in too deep now. I can't stop it, nor do I really think I want to. I ran my fingers through her hair, letting the pins fall out. She sighed in content, and I felt her breathing even out. She fell asleep. I kissed her head, and wrapped my arms around her. Yep, definitely in too deep.



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