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VettleFerrari I hope this is something you like! I had no idea he was British! Goes to show how much I know haha (SO SORRY ITS SO LATE!!! I owe you one big time for being so patient xD )

You bit the end of your pencil as you stared down at the plan sheets in your lap. You were curled up on the couch in the tour bus at the fifth city in two weeks. For some reason, you were having issues planning the stage placement for this area.

As an assistant stage director and prop placement, you were in charge of making sure outside venues were in "optimal viewing positions", as you were told. You groaned as you crumbled up and tossed yet another plan on the floor. You rubbed your temples as you closed your eyes and made a list of all the pros to this job.

On the top of that list was Chris. You weren't exactly sure what you were to him at the moment but you knew that he cared for you and you were sure you were in love with him. But you weren't about to ruin what relationship you had with him now all for selfish curiosity. Chris had always been kind to you, ever since you joined the tour group last year.

You jumped when you heard the bus door open. You let out a little yelp of surprise then started laughing. Chris walked on and smiled at you.

"Still scared of the bus doors, I see." His deep voice sent chills down your back. As always.

You shook your head and tossed a broken pencil at him that he expertly caught. "You know not to sneak up on me when I'm planning."

He walked over, tapping your head with the pencil piece. "Ooo! That's right, it's an outside show tonight." He leaned over your shoulder to take a look at your rough sketch. "Do you think the director will let us keep the sun glare panels off this time?"

You shook your head, your hair brushing his hand. "Doubt it. The sun sets later here than the last area. So you are going to want those panels."

Chris lat out a grunt but nodded. "You know best I reckon." He kissed the top of your head then turned to the kitchen to grab an apple.

You smiled at him, giving him a knowing look. "Of course I know best. It was me who suggested the rain guards when no one else thought it was going to rain and what did it do?"

He took a huge bite out of his red apple then pointed it at you. "It rained," he said with his mouth full.

You giggled at the juice that dripped out of his mouth as he smiled and wiped at it. He ducked his head then sat down across from you, kicking at your tossed away ideas. You turned back to your work.

"You are revolting."

Chris smiled wider, taking another bite, chewed then swallowed. He just watched you work for a few minutes before you turned your head up to look at him. You gave him an odd look as he continued to stare. Shrugging you looked back at your work.

Chris leaned his head on his hand as he cocked his head to the side. He looked at you as you worked, you making your concentration face that he came to love.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Your pencil froze. You stared at your work, daring not to look up at him in fear of breaking the spell. Surly, he was just joking. But sure enough, curiosity got the best of you and you looked up, meeting his gaze, a gaze that made your face warm and your goosebumps return. You blinked. Not knowing how to respond you shrugged.

"What have I said about drinking before shows. The director isn't going to like you drunk let alone flirting with the help."

Chris' brows knit. "(Y/n), really. I'm not-"

The bus door banged open again but this time no one was laughing.

"(L/n). Martin. I like to think you remembered the press interview you are having in five minutes and are just killing time because you are both ready."

The both of you shot up. Chris looked good, as always. But you were in sweats and a baggy old shirt of his with your hair in a messy bun. You and Chris pushed at each other to get through to the bunks to get to your stuff. But Chris was called back by the director. You took the opportunity to lock that section of the bus off so you could change.

Christ stood before the stoic director, his arms crossed. "If they ask anything about your relationship status, keep it cryptic and do not, for any reason, tell them it's...her  you are somewhat attached to."

Chris blinked. First of all, he was surprised the director could read him that well in knowing that he had a thing for you. Secondly, he was appalled he wanted to keep you a secret. You were getting interviewed too, so it's not like you were wanted completely in the background. But not wanting to piss off the one man who made most of all this run smoothly, Chris spared him a curt nod.


Your leg bounced as you sat on a soft lounge chair in front of a camera and next to Christ. The interviewers were late but that didn't help calm your nerves. Despite having been interviewed at each venue, you hated how docile and boring you had to sound. Like you were some robot with no feelings. But unfortunately, no one else who worked on the stage could tell them where and why the stage was placed where it was. But honestly, you didn't see why they would care in the first place.

Chris reached over and placed his hand on your knee. He leaned over, looking at the door as the interviewers walked in. "Breath. If you show any emotion they just might think you are human. I would hate to have to explain why my robot stage crew is sweating. Again."

You cracked a smile as he patted your knee then scooted over to his seat a few meters over. You took a deep breath and squared your shoulders. He always knew how to make you feel better.

The interviews were going well and you were almost finished when you were stopped by Chris letting out an abrupt "NO!"

You jumped and looked over as Chris got up from his seat and came to sit down next to you. He looked behind the camera at the director who looked like he was about to blow a circuit. Still bewildered, you let Chris take your hand in his as you stared at him wide eyed.

"I don't care. (Y/n) (L/n) is my best friend, my confidant and the woman I have come to care for more deeply than a man would his friend."

Catching on you shook your head. You were nobody. He could do so much better. But being that as it was, he read your look and he shook his head smiling. "I would like to publicly show off my girlfriend." He gave you a shy smile. "If she doesn't mind."

You let out a nervous laugh. "Are you crazy?"

"Crazy in love with you."

You shook your head and smiled. "You know, I can beat you up."

Chris smiled wide. "Oh i know."

And the interview concluded with your arms around each other in a kiss that you knew you would be feeling for the rest of your life.

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