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Here you are Existentialism6 I hope it's to your liking!! (I ended up watching a lot of clips of him, hence it taking a while 😅 and i got sick

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Here you are Existentialism6 I hope it's to your liking!! (I ended up watching a lot of clips of him, hence it taking a while 😅 and i got sick...ironically)

You roughly hit your head on your bathroom wall, letting out a groan as you closed your eyes. The smell in the room was ghastly and your body reacted to it, creating quite a cycle of Hell. You flushed the toilet and pulled yourself up, weakly washed your hands then stumbled out of the rank washroom to your bed, flopping like a starfish.

With your face buried, you let out a groan, sneaky tears wetting the sheets. "I hate being siiiiiiick." You lifted your head slightly to turn it, breathing in as best you could through stuffed nostrils. "I wish I could just die." You closed your eyes and thought back to what it was like to not feel 200 pounds and a head full of snot.

"But if you were dead I would have a hard time seeing you whenever I wanted."

You let out a strangled yelp and jumped, successfully falling onto the ground with a thump. You groaned as your head throbbed with a new pain. You tried to stand but found it difficult. Suddenly you were lifted onto your bed, the smell of a man coming through your only working right nostril.

You let out a groan and laid back on your pillows. "Castiel."

"Yes. That is my name."

You turned over and looked at him through a weakly lifted eyelid. "what are you doing here?"

He cocked his head to the side like it was obvious. "I'm here to make sure you don't die. And if you do that you die peacefully and get sent to the right place."

You scoffed but it turned into a rough cough. "You can't do that."

He sat on the side of your bed, looking off to the distance oddly. "Actually I can. I can also-"

You reached up and took a pillow, throwing it at his face. But he, of course, caught it. "Just shut up. I'll puke on you." You peeked open one eye and looked at him, your heart falling at his slightly confused face looking downcast. You let out a breath and rolled your eyes. Sitting up you looked at him with lowered eyelids as you leaned your head back. "You looked eager when you popped in. Something happen?"

Instantly his face lit up and he grasped your hand in excitement. "Oh! Outside today, in the garden, I followed a honeybee."

You couldn't help but snort. Which caused you to cough but you were laughing all the same. Puzzled, Castiel scooted closer to you, searching your face and placing a hand on your chest, instantly quieting your rattling cough.

You whispered a thank you as you closed your eyes and let out a breath. Castiel nodded but didn't take his eyes off you. "It was a beautiful creature."

You peeked an eye open. "Was?"

He shrugged one shoulder and looked a bit bashful. "I got it to sting me. It died soon after."

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