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All thanks to my dear friend I am now obsessed with this man...Gosh dang it why do the good ones always have to be fictional...

You had to do a double take as you cleared the bar for the night. A group of four men stumbled in looking worst for wear but smiling nonetheless. You folded your arms, leaning against the bar, a brow raised.

"I'm sorry boys I was just about to lock up."

One of the men wearing glasses froze, his head cocking to the side. "(Y/n)?"

You looked at him in confusion. "Yes. How do you know who-" the man stepped closer and you covered your mouth with your hand, "Iggy?"

Ignis looked down as you walked around the bar, coming up to him. But he turned away, almost like he didn't want you to see him. But you recognized him already. The other three quietly walked off, going up to the hotel section of the building, leaving the two of you alone. You moved over to stand before him. 

You reached up and moved his face to look at you. "Iggy. I can't believe am seeing you again."

Ignis tried to turn his head away again but your hand stayed him. "Yes, well, as you can see...I cannot."

You bit your lip as you let your hand fall from his cheek to his arm. "What happened? Does it hurt?" Your voice was soft, almost a whisper.

With a defeated sigh, Ignis looked down, one of his hands reaching up to cover your own on his arm. "Not too terribly. What pains me is not being able to see you again."

You smiled sadly. "Well, you aren't missing anything awe inspiring. trust me." You turned, your hand falling from his arm to intertwine your fingers with his as you lead him to a window couch.

Ignis shook his head, as he sat next to you, his face turned forward, his gray eyes unseeing. "I highly doubt that. You sound as beautiful as I remember."

You blushed, shaking your head. "It's refreshing you haven't changed much."

"On the contrary. I can no longer see. I have scars. I am at a disadvantage."

You reached up and again turned his face toward you. Your thumb caressed the scar near his eye as you searched his face. "And yet here you are still running around with those boys." You glanced down at the hand intertwined with your own, a giggle surfacing. "And you are still cooking, to be sure."

Ignis snorted. "I would go mad if I didn't try to have some sort of semblance to normalcy before the accident."

He turned fully to you, reaching up to take your hand. He kissed your palm gently before holding both of your hands in his lap. You looked down and tried to blink back coming tears as you remembered that last thing he told you before he left originally. He had sat down with you just like this and promised you that he would be careful and would come back to help you run a home town bed and breakfast. He would cook and you would manage. The two of you working together.

But now that dream was dashed just as violently as the scars on his face. You knew he felt it too. Ignis knew he would have to bring it up again, but he feared to break your heart. But before he said anything you surprised him. Without saying anything you scooted closer, and ever so slowly you leaned in. Ignis didn't move. He bearly breathed. He continued to stare unseeingly over your shoulder as you closed the distance between you.

You weren't sure who signed first but the moment your lips touched it was like life was breathed into the both of you. He whispered your name as he kissed you gently, his hands running up your arms, up your neck and into your hair. You kissed his lips, his cheek, his chin, and his eyes. You lingered on his scars, your arms wrapped around his neck.

You pulled him to you as you buried your face in his neck, tears threatening to fall. "Stay Iggy. You are injured and I don't want you to get hurt even more. Heaven forbid, die." You pulled back as he kissed your shoulder then your neck then your ear. You leaned into his touch. "Please. Stay."

Ignis sagged under your touch and the weight of our words. He was tempted, really and truly tempted to just scoop you up in his arms and never let you out of his sight, figuratively, but he had a duty and a mission to his friends. He would give anything to keep you safe and by his side, cooking your meals and holding you close. But he had to stay with the others in order for that dream to even be a possibility.

"(Y/n), you know I would do anything for you."

You deflated at his words. "But..."

"But I need to finish what we have started. If only to ensure the safety of the woman I love." He cupped your face with a hand as he leaned his forehead against yours. "As soon as we are done I will never leave your side again. If you will have me and don't mind working with a blind man."

You let out a small sob, your own hand cupping his cheek. "I don't mind loving a blind man either." You moved just slightly and pressed a light kiss on his lips, lingering for a moment. "YOu promised to me before. You be sure to keep it this time."

Ignis smiled and your heart soared. "May my food spoil and my soup burn." You laughed and he chuckled. But he soon sobered, his eyes moving as he tried his hardest to make them see again. He gently moved his fingers over your face, memorizing each detail of your soft skin. "I love you (Y/n)," he whispered as his fingers came to a stop on your lips.

You kissed the tips of his fingers lightly then smiled, leaning in again. "I love you too. Don't forget to come back to me."

Ignis shook his head slightly. "Never," he breathed right before he pressed his lips to yours again but this time he didn't hold back.

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