Gray Mitchell

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"GAHHHHH!" Gray screamed as he fell against the wall clutching his leg, his other hand pulling down on a lever. A large door banged shut next to him just seconds before it landed on his brother's stupid girlfriend as she came stumbling through.

Trev stared at the rattling metal door that separated her from the ravenous dinosaurs behind it, her body shaking and her heart racing. Sweat or blood dripped down her back making her shiver as she breathed heavily, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

Gray let out a groan as he closed his eyes and slid down the cold wall, his hands clutching his wounded leg. Trev looked over to the hurt young man as she wiped silently falling tears from her face. He looked like he was in so much pain, his eyes squeezed shut and his head leaning back against the metal wall. Sweat dripped down his face, his hair plastered to his head with blood that wasn't his. The door shook again but Trev did her best to ignore it as she took steady breaths.

"Hey," she whispered with a shaky voice, crawling over to him. "Are you alright?"

Gray opened an eye and let out a breath, his cheek puffing up before he closed it again. He shifted his body almost as if he was trying to get away from her. His body shook and blood dripped to the ground from the gash on his leg.

"Yeah. Peachy," he breathed through his teeth.

Trev's shoulders sagged as she moved back a bit too lean against a fallen table covered in dust. Looking around, Trev figured this place was some kind of security systems base for the park when it was at its prime. Cables hung from the vine infested ceiling. Little bits of grass and shrubbery made their home in the cracked floor and various parts of the walls. Particles floating through the air was made visible by cold light streaming through cracked windows that weren't blocked by fallen buildings or rotting dinosaur carcasses. From what Trev could see while running through the ruins of this place, she was sure Jurassic World was once an amazing park.

With the adrenaline of the last moments finally wearing off, Gray pulled off his jacket and bunched it up to set under his leg. Wincing, the young man looked at his wound, dried blood cracking and fresh warm blood oozing out onto the floor. He pressed the back of his hand to his mouth as he peeled away the shredded fabric of his pants, revealing three long, deep gashes that stretched from the inside of this left thigh to mid-calf. He groaned as he let his hands drop, sweat dripping into his eyes as he squeezed them shut again.

He heard movement across from him and groaned again. Trev moved over to Gray, sitting next to him against the wall, her nearly black eyes looking over the younger Mitchell with worry.

"We need to cover that. I am a certified RN. Let me help you." She reached over to fold back the shredded fabric but her hand was angrily swatted away.

"You've helped enough."

Trev blinked, her hand stinging from his slap but her heart dropping at the pure hatred that doused his words. Mutley, Trev took her hand back, looking straight forward as she tried to ward off tears.

"I love him too, you know," her voice came out as a whisper, her dirt-smudged hands shaking as she reached up to tuck her knotted bleached hair behind her ears.

Gray scoffed as he pulled himself up off the ground, his injured leg dragging behind him, making marks in the thin layer of dirt on the ground on the way to a fallen chair. He picked it up and righted it with one hand before sitting down heavily. His long curly hair fell into his eyes as he slumped forward, catching his breath.

"Sure you did."

Trev let out a frustrated breath as she stood too, crossing her arms and looking around. "Hey, I didn't ask to come here. If it wasn't for you, he wouldn't have dropped everything to come find you. He wouldn't have left ME, ALONE in that God forsaken buggy in the middle of the jungle, to go after you and your delusional "meta-dinos" that had you cornered. In your own lab!" Trev hiccuped, whipping her grimy face, no doubt making her already ruined makeup even worse. "He would still be alive. Thanks to you I lost my boyfriend, the only man whom I ever loved. The only man I knew who ever loved me."

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