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It's Sean's birthday and he already hated it

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It's Sean's birthday and he already hated it. He sighed as he reached his arm out to the other side of the bed and felt nothing but cold sheets. You were out of town visiting your family but a storm delayed your plane back. You apologized over and over and over and he would tell you not to feel bad over and over and over. But you couldn't help it.

Sean got up and trudged around his house, mopping right before he started his first video of the day. He checked his phone and was cheered up a bit by the birthday wishes of his friends and family. But not you. So he got ready for the day and told himself that you were probably just busy.

But what he didn't know was that you were busy but with something entirely different then coming home.

Sean turned on his computer and was about to record a game when he saw over a million spammed messages with the same link. Intrigued, he kept his camera rolling and clicked on the link. He looked at the camera, giving it a questioning glance.

"Ok so I don't know exactly what's going on. But! It's my birthday so I might as well have some fun with this!" He turned back to the screen and his eyes widened.

There you were, your smiling face beamed back at him. His own smile grew as he just stared at you for a moment, wishing that you were here with him. Blinking, he pressed the play button in the center of the video, settling down for whatever you had in store for him.

Your voice came over the speakers apologizing for not being there then going into how much you loved him and how honored you were to be his. The video played music to pictures and videos of the two of you along with a few friends. Mark, Felix, Bob, Wade, Tyler, and even Ethen.

Sean started to jump in his chair, turning to his camera. "Oh, this is adorable!" Then your voice came over the speakers again.

"Jacksepticeye, Sean, happy birthday love." You made a kissy face then the screen went dark.

Sean wiped happy tears from his face as he spoke to his camera about how much he loved you and missed you.

Suddenly his door opened and you stood there, followed by other friends, smiling with your arms open wide.

"Not as much as I have missed you."

Sean got up and ran to you, picking you up and spinning you around, kissing you soundly as his friends cheered.

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