George O'Malley

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You adjusted the glasses on your face as you scanned the large text book laying in front of you. Your stomach growled but you ignored it, fearing of never getting back to studying if you got up to get a snack. You glanced at the clock. 9:36 pm. Maybe you can afford a little bit of a break.

You were about to get up when you heard the front door open. You froze, straining to hear who it was that got in so easily as your heart started to race. Footsteps sounded and you let out a breath. Slowly and quietly you slid off your bed and picked up your heavy textbook, ready to beat the intruder if necessary.

You were about to round a corner when the visitor spoke. "Hello? Izzie? Meredith?"

Your heart started to beat faster but for a completely different reason. You held the book to your chest and cleared your throat before you greeted the sweet man. "George? George O'Malley?"

George nearly dropped his things. You snickered as he fumbled with his stuff before deciding to just leave it on the ground. He took a few steps forward before shoving his hands in his pockets and clearing his own throat.

"Ah, yup. It's me." He gave you a kind smile. "And it's you! Look at you! What are you doing here? Are the other girls around?"

You smiled wide at his hurried questions. "Meredith and Izzie are at a seminar tonight and won't be back until tomorrow evening." You glanced at your book then looked back up. "I thought they told you I was coming in this weekend."

George shook his head but waved it off dismissively. "Eh, I'm not told much of anything these days." You didn't miss his tone or the underlying meaning of his comment. But he continued. "Good thing this place is big. But I take it you are here for school?"

You nearly jumped with delight. "Yes! I take the qualifying exam in three days and then, hopefully, start my first position as RN."

George nodded, his own smile growing. "That's fantastic (Y/n)! See I told you it will just take time."

You nodded, smiling. You were just a few years younger than everyone in this house but you admittedly not the smartest. It took you almost twice as long to get to this point then your more accomplished friends but George always made a point to encourage you and never make you feel inadequate. Perhaps that was what kept your childhood crush on him from ever truly fading away. But as Meredith's cousin, you weren't sure how she, or George for that matter, would like you crushing on a close friend that she shared history with.

The sound of your stomach growling brought you back to reality. George chuckled, nodding to the kitchen. "Come on. If I remember anything from school it was that I was always hungry." He opened the pantry and then it was your turn to laugh. It was filled with most of his favorite snacking foods.

"I take it that feeling never went away."

George smiled, keeping his back to you as he reached far into the back shelf to grab something he knew you would love. He took a moment to remind himself who you were and that old flames aren't the best to be involved with. Thus proved by his past experiences. Clearing his throat he grabbed two of what he was looking for.

"Nah not really." He shrugged but smiled. "But the difference is that I'm a bit more wealthy and can get the good stuff." He squared his shoulders and shut the door, tossing you (favorite/snack) before folding his arms to watch you light up in awe.

You picked up the food, smiling like a dork.  You looked back at him and beamed. "You remembered!"

You heard him chuckle again as you started into your snack. "Of course I would remember. It's not every day you get the cops called on yourself because you 'accidentally' walked out of the gas station without paying. Meredith was busy so I had to think of a reason I had to pick you up from the police station. " He winked at you causing you to stick your tongue out at him.

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