Scorose (HP)

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This isn't a reader's insert OR even one of my own characters but I didn't know where else to put this and I thought you guys might like it haha so here ya go!

Rose Weasley was at her wit's end. She loved being in a big family but never again does she want to pull the short straw and play babysitter. Especially at weddings. With nearly forty people staying at the Burrow at once, Rose knew the requests to watch her fellow cousins and second cousins was inevitable.

The redhead sat in the washroom, her head in her hands as she waited for her magic to clean out the juice stain on her shirt little Penny thought would look good on her. Thankfully Toby was asleep and Charlie's kids were busy eating a snack before dinner. So Rose took what time she could to be alone and collect her thoughts.

James Potter wasn't a Weasley but he might as well have been. So when he announced he was getting married to his sweet Amelia Cosgrove, a Hufflepuff from New Brunswick, Molly insisted the wedding had to be held at the Burrow like every other Weasley couple had. When Ginny and Harry married it was more like they all took on her last name and not Harry's. Which was fine with everyone. The more the merrier, as Arthur would say.

When Victorie and Teddy got married, it was a year after their last year at Hogwarts and Rose had just started her second year so it was evident what her role was. And now they have two kids with one on the way. Dominique had a scare with her wedding falling through last year but got over that easily with an old classmate, Erik, stepping in and dated her for a few weeks before proposing. He was here too. As was Albus' girlfriend of six months, a Durmstrang girl a year older than him but was nearly half his height. Fred II brought his pregnant wife, Laura, having gotten married last year instead of Dominique. His sister, Roxanne was brave and invited her muggle boyfriend who Rose had yet to meet. Then there was Louis who just acquired his own girlfriend, a girl who just so happened to be the daughter of one of Ginny's Quidditch teammates, so she had to come. Molly II (aka Mo) said she wasn't dating anyone but got owls every day from some guy named Albert. Rose saw a passage he wrote in one of the letters and she wanted to throw up, it was so sappy. Lucy was the youngest to have a date for the wedding but Percy approved of the boy so everyone welcomed him with open arms.

So that left Rose all on her own. Seventeen wasn't a horrible age to be alone at, but there wasn't anyone else around her age who didn't have a boyfriend or higher in their life. Next came Lily Potter and at fifteen, Harry wasn't about to let her bring home any boys quite yet. Everyone else was thirteen or younger. Rose's brother, Hugo, was annoyingly wise for a thirteen-year-old and was never slow to remind her that there was another seventeen-year-old that liked to hang around the Burrow from time to time every time she liked to complain about being alone.

But Rose didn't think of Scorpius Malfoy that way. He was just a good friend. She smiled. A really good friend. But he wasn't always.

The Malfoys were known to be Potter's rival during school. Once Voldemort came and took over, Malfoy joined him. But as the story goes, Draco then left and found himself a nice girl and settled down. But the year Rose started was the year Harry and Draco decided to start being friends, just in time for her to start classes with quiet Scorpius.

The first year was weird. Neither one of them knew how to really treat each other with the whole Malfoy/Potter stigma looming over their heads. They were never unkind to each other, just hesitant to get close in fear of people making fun of them or their parents suddenly changing their minds about being buddy/buddy with each other. Also didn't help that Scorpius' mom passed away just the year before, leaving the poor boy quiet and shy.

But by the second year, it got easier to say "Hi" in the halls and pick each other out of a crowd. They would eat together sometimes, but only when they had to. His Slytherin friends didn't like her Gryffindor ones so they made sure to only interact when they were somewhat alone. One time, during Halloween, they were walking in the halls to the Great Hall when Peeves popped out of nowhere, scaring the two of them nearly to their own deaths. But it wasn't the ghost that made their hearts beat fast, it was the fact they found their hands clasped tightly as they stood close to each other. Rose refused to acknowledge that it happened.

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