Sebastian Vettel

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To the lovely VettelFerrari in hopes that this helps to cheer you up! ;) it's gonna be a long one so I hope you don't mind....sorry

You pressed the booklet of schedules to your lips as your eyes grew wide, plastered to the big screen in suspense as the racers finished the last five laps. Sebastian had been worried about this particular race for weeks now and it wasn't until he sat in the car did he have a smile on his face. You closed your eyes in a silent prayer, hoping he will at least come out in the top three. 

You opened your eyes just in time to see them enter the last lap. Your chest thumped and your blood rushed in your ears. You held your breath and closed one eye, biting your lip. The voices of the commentators spoke fast and got higher and higher with excitement, only adding to your eagerness to see the race end. 

But as the cars turned the last bend your booklet fell from your face and you took steps closer to the screen, a smile growing on your lips. Sebastian's car pulled forward and at the very last second, he crossed the finish line. The conference room erupted in celebration, the commentators shouted in happiness. You pumped your fists and squealed, dancing around in a little circle.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!!" You chanted, your body shaking with excitement. "Yes, Sebastian, yes!"

Suddenly you remembered you had a job and Press Officers don't get to celebrate, at least not until after all the press meetings and it's time to plan for the next one. But you were confident you could spare a few seconds to tell the Speedster 'I told you so'.

Gathering your things, you placed your phone to your ear and started calling for the camera crews as you looked at the long list of interviewers and their lame reasons to jockey for position to see the now winner first. 

As you neared the driver's track entrance, you passed crowds of people, pushing forward to see Sebastian in all his sweaty glory, smiling like a fool. You couldn't help but smile too, your heart starting to hammer again. You took a moment to just watch him walk away from his car and take his trophy, his coaches and main team surrounding him with smiles and cheers. He looked so happy and you couldn't be prouder. 

After a few minutes of pictures and fan signings, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.  You closed your eyes and groaned. You didn't want to pull him away from his fans and his celebrating but duty calls. 

You pushed through the last line of people and nodded to the surrounding crew to move him alone before looking at Sebastian. He didn't meet your gaze as he was ushered out to go shower and change for the first of many interviews. You checked your watch and grinned. He may have more time to meet with fans afterward. If things went well. 

Your phone rang and you answered, hearing the event coordinator's frustrated voice on the other end. 

"Calm down Kevin, what is going on?"

"Miss Devins may have forgotten to book us our hotels for this week."

You shook your head, smiling ruefully. "I checked, she did."

"Not for the WHOLE week. (Y/n) some of us are going to have issues-"

You shook my head again though you knew he couldn't see you. "Kevin I can't deal with that right now. I have nearly seven interviews to get our boy to and you want me to worry about the sleeping arrangments? Talk to William, he covers the spending, I'm sure he would know for sure."

Then you hung up. As much as you loved your job you sometimes hated that you were good at it because that meant everyone else came to you to make sure things got done. You felt touched and honored but you weren't about to make yourself sick about which of the wheel replacement sents the crew should bring, depending on the weather. 

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