Bones/McCoy (present bonus)

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This is my Christmas gift to my beautiful and wonderful friend from across the pond! Bandit-McCoy I hope this brightens your day and helps you have a relaxing and enjoyable break! Love you girly!!! 

"Bones they are coming!"

"I know!" the doctor growled as he tried to hotwire their land vehicle, his fingers fumbling with the alien tech. "It's not easy playing poker without any cards."

You rolled your eyes and shouldered him out of the way, placing the large bundle of medical supplies into his arms as you took control of the wires. 

"Then tap out and let the professionals play." 

Not a second later, the hoverbike came to life, it's yellow and blue lights flickering on before lifting a few centimeters off the ground. You ignored Bones and his grumbling as you took the supplies back and hopped on, nodding to the spot in front of you. 

"Hop on cowboy, we have a ship to catch."

Bones couldn't help but chuckle, shaking his head as he got on while placing goggles over his eyes. "You don't have to tell me twice." He revved the bike and looked back at the angrily screaming Tarivane locals getting closer. "Hold on, sweetheart. It's gonna be a bumpy ride."

You smirked, wrapping your arms around his middle, the medical supplies squishing between you but it didn't hinder you from feeling his strong muscles. "You don't have to tell me twice," you whispered under your breath.

With a low whine of power, the hoverbike took off across the Tarivane terrain, trees, bushes, and village houses zipping by in streaks of colors and shapes. But just as you thought Bones had lost the pursuers there was a crack of energy by a tree, just missing Bones' head. Looking back you saw four Tarivane rogues on hoverbikes of their own, their hands laden with heavy looking guns as the bikes steered themselves with some unseen technology. They shot at you guys again, making you hug the doctor a little tighter.

"Yeah, I see them," Bones called back to you, his head turning back to look at them too. "Keep your head down, we are almost at the checkpoint."

You pressed your face into his back, your eyes pressed closed as you prayed to no one in particular that nothing terrible would happen. 

But of course, something had to happen. 

The shooting continued, Bones not fully sure what else to do but keep driving as fast and haphazardly to the alcove where Sulu would be waiting with an escape shuttle. He focused on navigating a clear path in front of him as well as your thin arms around his waist. Looking back one more time he could see two of the four had broken off, one taking either side of him, their weapons fixed on the bike and you. 

Cursing under his breath, Bones reached down and pulled out his phasor, switching it to 'kill'. With a wobbly hand, he steered the bike as the other lifted the gun and fired at the rider to his left. The bike shook and he grabbed for the handles with both hands, his ears not missing your little shout of surprise at the slight tip of the bike. Shaking his head, Bones sheathed his gun, not willing to try that stunt again. He was a doctor, not a sharpshooter.

You looked back at the other two riders behind you, their shots firing far to close to their target for your liking. You looked around Bones to see where you guys were in relation to the checkpoint. Despite his reassurance that you were close, you were not, in fact, anywhere near the checkpoint. 

Suddenly you let out a horrid shout, the bike shaking and weaving as the sound of one of the Tarivane's guns going off nearly deafening you. But it wasn't the sound that took you by surprise or the erratic movement of the bike, but the immense amount of pain you felt in your back, just under your left shoulder blade. Searing pain coursed through you but you bit back another cry as Bones took a sharp turn, your eyes watering with the effort to stay on while straining your new wound. 

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