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For my dear friend Whovian3135 who I wholeheartely blame for my new obsessions in life ;)

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For my dear friend Whovian3135 who I wholeheartely blame for my new obsessions in life ;)

You let out a relieved breath as you sat back in your chair sitting under a large rimmed umbrella outside your favorite cafe. You stared at your camera sitting on the table in front of you, its black lens shining back at you as you sipped your much-needed break slushy. It was hard working for a news network, especially as a photographer. Right now you were asked to cover new cafe drinks. So why not get first-hand experience and taste a few.

Soon you were finished but you were still crazy thirsty. You glared at your camera before you left it there and got up, not exactly looking forward to boring photos and slush reviews. You blew out a breath and stood in line looking at the list of outrageous names. Soon enough it was your turn so you shrugged and nodded to the list.

"I'll take a Lushes Locks Lemon Lime, please."

With your new drink, you stepped outside, closing your eyes to the warm sun beating down on you. You let out a content sigh and told yourself you were working so you could take as long as you wanted. But you had to take a picture of it before you drank it all. You walked over to your table where you left your camera. Which you soon came to realize may not have been a good idea. Your heart sped up at you got closer to your table. The camera was facing the other way and the strap was waving in the gentle wind off the side of the table.

Tentatively you looked around, slowly sitting down. Gently you put your drink down and picked up the camera turning it on. A face popped up and your blood immediately started to boil. But as you continued to flip through the twenty-five or so pictures, the blond haired, blue eyed guy's smile made your own lips pull up in a grin. Shaking your head you flipped through them again, committing his image to memory. You found him to be very attractive and it helped him that he didn't take your camera.

Suddenly you found yourself like a cop on a stake out, sitting back and watching your surroundings for your mystery blond. You didn't think it would take so long to find him considering how spiked up his long blond hair was and that, from the pictures, he looked like a guy who couldn't stand still for more than a minute. You imagined his laugh would be light and contagious.

Suddenly you heard a laugh echoing behind you followed by gruff chuckling and boos of light frustration. Carefully you turned around and your heart fluttered at the sight of your camera mooch. You watched him and the other three men with him as they walked out of a nearby store. The blond was all but bouncing around, smiling and laughing, causing his friends to smile and shake their heads.

You were close enough to them to know they were planning on staying in the area for the night. You glanced at your camera then back at them as they started gathering things from their really nice car. An idea popped in your head and couldn't help but smile. Taking one last sip of your drink you stood and took your camera before heading over in their direction, not minding one bit that his hands would be full.

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