Draco Malfoy

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You rushed to your room, making sure you had everything as you heard your husband call your name.

"(Y/n)? Do you think your sister will have toys for her to play with? I'm not exactly sure if we are properly equipped for this job."

You smiled at the bit of worry in his voice. Funny enough Draco was the one out of the two of you who spoke fondly of the babysitting job your sister asked of the two of you. Her and her husband were needed at a muggle school retreat for three days with their older twin boys. So she asked you and Draco to look after their 10-month-old daughter.

You grabbed what you were looking for and made your way back to Draco who was waiting at a port-key that lead to your sister's place. You smiled as you greeted him with a kiss on the cheek, hiding the object you went to grab in your back pocket.

"Don't worry, love, her house is well stocked with children's toys. Do you have everything you need?"

He nodded, taking your hand in his before looking to you. "Ready?"

You nodded and he reached for the port-key sending the two of you to your sister's house. 

Draco was nervous but remarkably excited to spend a few days with your niece. He knew how well you were around children, he just wasn't sure of his own ability with children. The Malfoy/Black families weren't particularly known for their abilities with children.

But he didn't let that uncertainty get the better of his excitement to be around a small child.


The last three days were like a scene out of a fairytale movie.

Your sister wasn't a witch so you respected her by not using magic around the house, not wanting to mess up something while she was gone. Draco hated the idea of living like a muggle for a few days but didn't want to upset you.

You had to admit, though, you were a tad worried Draco would be reluctant to be around little Emmy. At first, he was shy and refused to be left alone in a room with her, wanting you close by in case he messed up. But when you got a bit sick the second day Draco mustered up the courage to take care of Emmy all by himself.

And he loved it.

You would sit on the couch and watch as they played. You were brought to tears when he sweetly calmed her after growing fussy over a toy. He willingly changed her dipper, the muggle way. You were impressed when he would successfully put her down for her naps, the sound of his deep and quiet singing voice audible through the baby monitor.

Draco didn't say as much but you could tell that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. He didn't need you save for a few times when he put her dress on backward and when she decided to throw her food at Draco instead of eating it. He would pretend to fall asleep, making an obnoxious snoring sound, making her laugh. He would tickle her neck and feet pretending to be a tickle monster. At one point the two of them fell asleep in her room on the floor when he had joined her after she fell down. 

Your sister called the last day saying there was a storm and it might be a few days more until they got back. You didn't bother telling Draco, knowing he wouldn't mind staying longer. You weren't feeling any better either. When Emmy was asleep Draco dedicated his time to be with you, helping you feel better and make sure you were taken care of.

One morning you awoke to a quiet house. You walked around worried that quiet meant trouble. But what she didn't expect was a note from your husband saying he was taking Emmy out for a walk and they shouldn't be long.

It wasn't until noon that you heard from him. He had texted you, sending you a picture of him and Emmy all wrapped up and happy on their walk. You smiled wide. He looked so happy. Almost as happy as he looked the day you got married. Not that he was never happy at home but it was rare to see his smiles reach his eyes and make him glow like it did in the photo.

A few minutes later you heard them come home. Emmy was looking tired and Draco smiled wide at you. "We had so much fun, didn't we Emmy?"

The little girl gave him a toothy smile, reaching up to grab at his stubbled chin. He smiled and laughed, kissing her small fingers. He walked off with her to her room, talking quietly to her, but you could hear him.

"How about a nap. Then when you wake up we can tell mommy all about the bugs and plants we saw."

You knew right then and there that it was time to have a child of your own. You couldn't wait to see him like this with your own children, doting on them like the precious little humans that they are.

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