George O'Malley

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You felt a gentle kiss on your cheek as you snuggled deeper into your warm blanket, letting out a content moan. The smell of cologne and mint toothpaste made you smile as you kept your eyes closed against the early morning light.

"See you later tonight, Mrs. O'Malley."

Your smile grew as your husband kissed you one more time before you heard him quietly shuffle out. You giggled into your pillow as you let his words sink in.

Mrs. O'Malley.

Sure, you have been married for several months but having finally gone on your honeymoon and finally gotten a small apartment together it was all becoming real. It was no longer a fantasy or long drawn out dream.

You were really married to George O'Malley.

George looked at the ring on his finger as he placed his things in his locker, his mind still reeling after waking up to you sleeping peacefully next to him. Despite almost everyone and everything going against you two, you still wanted to marry him and it actually happened. He couldn't get his heart to calm down, not that he wanted to, and he couldn't wait to get to the part where he got to come home from long hard days at work to you cooking or just sitting there, grinning up at him with that smile he just couldn't get enough of.

The sound of the other interns entering brought him back to reality but not before Izzy caught him smiling down at his ring.

"I swear, you are more smitten with that band than most girls are with their rock."

George chuckled, twisting it with his fingers. "Yeah well, it's the girl it represents that I'm really smitten with."

There was a collective "awe" from the people in the room that ended in congratulations and welcome backs. George thanked them, his cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Meredith came in, grinning at him as she tucked the day's work of files under her arm.

"Welcome back, George. Congratulations on your wedding. She's one lucky girl."

George nodded to her. "Thanks. But I think I'm the lucky one."


You lifted your face and welcomed George's quick peck before he rushed out of the house for a red-eye shift.

"See you tomorrow, beautiful!" He called out to you.

You replied with a smile and wave but the moment the door shut behind him you rushed to the bathroom and puked. You hadn't even eaten anything yet and you felt like death. But you knew you weren't dying. You were quite the opposite.

You wiped your chin and looked at the mirror. You stood back and pulled your shirt close to your body and rubbed the small bump that showed. Your heart fluttered and you suddenly felt giddy. Even if you hadn't taken all the tests, you knew now for sure;

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