VotDT Love Triangle

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Some of these new stories have characters of my own instead of the reader's insert. I hope you don't mind! Oh and they may be a tad longer....

Jane Caraway stepped through the Scrub's front doorway, peeking her head in before shouldering herself into the house.

"Mrs. Scrub? I brought the carrots you wanted." She looked around, her arms full of vegetables from her mother's little garden. "I even brought some of my mum's cucumbers and tomatoes."

Spotting Mr. Scrub sitting in the corner of the front room buried in a newspaper, Jane set the food down on the kitchen counter. But before she could even open her mouth to ask where the others were, Mr. Scrub lifted one finger that pointed to upstairs. With a small nod, she knew he couldn't see, Jane happily made her way up the steps, eager to see her friends.

Well two of them were her friends. Lucy and Edmund. Eustace....not so much. He may be her neighbor but it wasn't until she ran into Lucy while out window shopping that Jane started coming over. But it wasn't until she met Edmund that Jane started coming over often.

Jane was from Scotland originally and had moved to England nearly a year ago. So to say she had friends was a bit of a stretch. She didn't make them easily because for some reason people either found her intimidating or too weird. At first she didn't mind. But then it started to get to her. So, when Lucy invited her over for tea and dinner, Jane couldn't say no. The two became fast friends and the Shrub's didn't care what went on in their house so it was a common site to see the two girls up late at night reading or giggling about boys.

One night Lucy brought up Edmund's name and Jane had to try her hardest not to seem even the least bit affected even by merely his name. But Lu wasn't stupid. Jane knew of some of her stories of a place called Narnia and Lucy and her siblings being Kings and Queens there. So it came as no surprise when Lucy used her royal tactics on Jane to divulge her secrets. But Jane stood her ground and got away with only telling half a truth, that she found her friend's brother a very nice young man who, just like his sister, made her feel welcome and wanted.

But since that night Jane soon found herself all but madly in love with him. So she tried to keep her distance, made sure not to laugh at all his jokes, mess around with him like she used to, or look at him too long while he spoke. Alas, Lucy noticed something was off and started to keep an eye on her. Even Eustace started to find his neighbor to be acting quite strangely.

So as Jane took the steps by two, she told herself that she was just going to be herself and treat Ed like she had before. Like everything was normal and her heart wasn't about to beat right out of her chest every time she saw him, or how her breath would pause as he would glance at her or smile.

Or how he did this little thing where when she walked in the room he would step back to sand by her and help her feel included. Or how he was growing out his hair and a soft curl would fall into his eyes from time to time making him run his hands through his hair. Or how then he said her name it was like a little laugh on the tip of his tongue that made her insides melt. Or how....

Jane shook her head. Now was not the time to get herself all worked up when she was supposed to be acting natural. At the top of the steps Jane suddenly heard shouting. Walking around she listened as the voices got louder. It wasn't until she found herself standing outside Lucy's room that she noticed the ground was a bit wet. Puzzled she reached for the handle and stepped into the room, the three others' voices shouting about a painting and putting it back. So when Jane opened the door she was expecting them to be fighting over who would best place it on levely...not fighting over how to stop a near river of water that was spilling out of it!

Stepping in and quickly closing the door behind her, Jane rushed over to help pull Lucy from the picture frame that Eustace was trying to grab at. Edmund and Lucy yelled at him but the roaring of the water gushing into the room drowned out their words. Lucy turned to Jane when she felt herself being pulled back.

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