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Breathing hard, you wiped your face with a towel, dismissing your trainer for the day. You entered the locker rooms to grab your things and change when you felt a hand on your waists. Tightening your muscles and throwing back your arm into your visiter's chest, you hoped to weaken them so you could get away.

But instead of hearing a debilitated grunt, you heard a soft chuckle as a hand stopped your elbow from hitting their chest.

A warm breath tickled your ear as the hand on your waist pulling you back and closer to them.

"I take it my family's arrival has slipped your mind."

You bit back a smile as you turned to face him, using his closeness to press your boyfriend against the lockers. You leaned in close, your noses nearly touching as you smirked.

"You know I could beat you up for assuming I forgot about your mother and aunt."

Spock held your eyes as he refrained from pressing his lips to yours, though his eyes begged for it. "Fortunately, I am well informed of your abilities to wisely agree with you."

You smirked then granted him a soft kiss but kept it short, your excitement to see your favorite woman and her sweet sister bubbling up inside you. You pulled back and winked. "See you on the Bridge."

Spock watched as you sauntered off, his ears still warm from your kiss. He too was excited to see his family, but perhaps for other reasons that you.


After showering and changing into a new uniform, you entered the Bridge, nodding curtly to the other officers and taking your seat in communications. Spock hadn't told you when his family was coming in but that didn't stop you from getting to your job.

You desperately wanted to be a security officer but a past injury stopped you from joining. It was while you were training and strengthening yourself to apply again when you met Spock. That was also when you told him for the first time that you could beat him up. He doubted that and was right. So from then on, he trained you as best he could until you did beat him. That same day, after all those weeks and months of training, dripping in sweat and breathing hard, he asked you to be his girlfriend. Well, that's pretty much what he said in his own awkward Vulcan/Spock way. 

You met his mom the day he was able to save her from Vulcan being destroyed and you instantly got along despite you being cold and stiff at first. Amanda saw right through your tough act and gave you a big hug, thanking you for making her son so happy. She said you reminded her of her sister so it was only natural for Amanda to bring her sister, Julie, the next time she came to visit.

The sound of the lift opening drew your attention. Spock stepped out and walked over to the Captain speaking to another officer. Your boyfriend showed no emotion but did stare at you as he passed making your ears and neck feel warm. He was the only one who ever had the power to make you drop your guard. And that was hard and he knew that.

You watched Spock whisper in Kirk's ear and Kirk smiled, nodding and clapping his friend on the arm. "Bring them up, Spock. I wouldn't mind seeing the little cutie."

You raised a brow, most likely adopted by your Vulcan, and watched with skepticism as he commed for his mother and aunt to be sent up. You turned to the turbo lift as it opened and you smiled, though not too big not wanting to give the wrong impression tot he Bridge that you were beyond excited to see Amanda.

But the moment Amanda saw you, she burst into a happy shout and rushed up to you with open arms and bright smile. You gave in and smiled, standing to give the slight woman a warm hug. She pulled you back, holding you by your arms.

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