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You watched as he flew through the window making you instantly thankful you had decided to keep it open. Only you had no idea how thankful you would end up being later.

You were about to tell Sherlock off; he had no business flying into your apartment living room so unexpectedly and looking so dashingly windswept. You just stood there, your hands raised in confusion.

But the moment he landed you were in awe. He straightened his coat, ruffled his hair and reached out to you, pulling you gently to him as he pressed a deep kiss to your lips.

Your mind went blank and your instincts took over, your hands reaching up to grasp him. Every fiber of your being became alive under his touch. Your toes curled and your heart soared.  He deepened the kiss for half a moment, but it felt like a lifetime. But then it was over all too soon.

Sherlock pulled away but said nothing. You stood frozen as he smoothed back some hair from your face before he turned around and left with a swoosh of his trench coat. You couldn't find your voice as you watched him go, your hand reaching up to touch your lips where you could still feel his kiss.

A smile grew on your face and you let out a little laugh. You couldn't get the look the gave you when he pulled away out of your head. His eyes were soft and a glint of something like adoration. You shook your head thinking you were just seeing things. But when you ran your hand through your hair you felt a slip of paper fall into your hand.

You let out another laugh, shaking your head slightly. You unfolded the paper and read what he wrote your adventurous side bubbling with excitement. Two lines greeted you:

9 Mount Row W1K 3RG


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