Draco Malfoy

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Draco couldn't sleep. The sheets wrapped around his legs haphazardly and pillows littered the floor after being used as projectiles. Groaning, the now dirty blond man rolled out of bed and flailed his arms around searching for his glasses. Finding them under the bed, Draco lazily pulled himself up on his knees and let out another groan as he ran his fingers through his hair.

He hated that even five years after the War at Hogwarts, his temper got the best of him. And it wasn't like what you two were arguing about was all that bad or worth getting angry about. The both of you were tired and spent from endless weeks of working long hours to save up and pay off your first little home. He just wanted to be a happy family, something he yearned for, something he feared his past would rob him of.

Unbeknownst to Draco, you had some pent-up anger about something that happened at work earlier that month. People were bad mouthing your husband and you got the bright idea to defended him, forgetting that a lot that worked in your department were Muggle-borns who were treated poorly by the Malfoys and CO. You lost your overtime wages. Wages you both desperately needed.

You didn't want to tell Draco, hoping to save him the worry that bared down on your heart. But when he brought up his past and practically threw a pity party, you snapped. You felt like no matter how much you showed him you loved him or proved to him that he was a better man, it was like it was never enough.

So there you sat at the bar of a local magical checkpoint. Since the war, there were more and more places for magical folk to find a place to sit and be with their people. Now you just didn't want to be with a specific person. You loved your husband, more than you ever thought you could. But his tendency to push his past back into the light drew you insane. So, that's why you kept some things to yourself.  You didn't want to add and be a burden to his already damaged mind.


Draco stood from his spot on the couch for the third time as he began pacing the room. He said some nasty things to you and they were eating at him. But deep down he knew you weren't being completely honest with him about...something. He wasn't one to push you to do or say anything you didn't want to, but knowing you, he could tell there was something eating at you and he wanted to help you. He wanted to help you carry whatever it was you were holding in. He didn't want you to feel how he did when he was younger. That was why he unwittingly brought up his past.

Running his hand through his hair again, thoroughly messing his hair, Draco stood facing the front door. He almost willed you to just walk through. You could literally be anywhere but he wanted to give you space. He didn't want to push you away. But he didn't want you to feel like he didn't care. An idea came to his mind.


You had finished your fourth drink, still lacking a buzz, when you felt a warm small vibration on your hand. Looking down, you let yourself smile lazily at your wedding ring dimly glowing blue. Blue meant "sorry". You covered it with your other hand, closing your eyes as you felt the warmth from the ring fill your body.

You knew the both of you over reacted, but most of all you knew that it was you who took it a bit far by storming out. You lifted your hand and watched as your ring turned back to normal. With the flick of your wrist, you send him a message back.

Draco anxiously held his wedding ring in his hands as he waited for your response. He knew you loved this little trick. He first came up with it when there was a riot going on at the Ministry and you were beside yourself with worry about his wellbeing. That same evening Draco enchanted your wedding rings to vibrate, change colour and temperature depending on the situation. He broke out into a big smile when his ring lightly vibrated, grew warm and turned a bright shade of orange that then turned to a soft blue soon after. "Thank you" and "sorry".

With lightened spirits, Draco put his ring back on and started going about cleaning the place up. Glad that you were feeling well enough to answer back, he eagerly awaited your return. But as he was fluffing pillows his finger pinched with cold, slowly pulsing instead of vibrating. Hoping he felt wrong he looked at his hand. Sure enough, it was a deep red meaning one thing; "help".

Draco moved faster than he ever had before. One thing Draco was sure to add to the rings was a way to track one another, but that was only enabled if turned red. Grabbing his wand he apparated himself to your location via the rings' connection. Wand at the ready and his mind set on protecting you, Draco searched for the danger. He made sure to create a bit of dark fog to obscure the enemy. But instead, he was greeted by you sitting on the curb outside the pub, giggling up at him.

Waving away the fog you snorted. "You sure know how to make an entrance." You smiled as Draco blinked, looking around for trouble.

Stowing his wand, the confused but grateful wizard knelt down in front of you. "So you're not in danger?" He searched your face but found no signs of pain though it looked like your drinks were catching up to you.

You reached up and ran your hand through his hair, fixing it slightly as you shook your head. "No. Just tired and missing you."

Draco let out a breath and ducked his head, shaking it slightly. "Woman. Good thing I love you."

You brought his face up gently by lifting his chin. "I'm sorry if I startled you. I didn't mean to make it so red. I'm just a bit out of sorts." You yawned and blinked slowly.

Smirking, Draco picked you up bridal style and walking into the pub to use their floo powder. "I'm just glad you are alright."

the two of you paused your conversation and popped up at home, a thin layer of soot covering you from head to toe. Draco helped you stand and you leaned on him, pulling out your wand. "Are you alright though?" You asked him as you waved your wand, taking the soot off the both of you as you helped yourself change into pj's.

Draco smiled, watching as you struggled to keep your eyes open. You looked older all of a sudden even though your smile reached your eyes. "Yes but I wish you would tell me what is troubling you. I promise not to be an arse."

You let out a little laugh before sitting on your bed heavily. You shrugged. "But I don't want you to have to worry about another thing. It's all my fault anyways. I feel like I need to bare this myself."

The bed dipped beside you. Draco took your hand and twisted your wedding band around your finger. "But this," he pointed to the ring with his other hand, "this is proof that we don't have to do anything alone anymore. You have me, love." Draco turned his head to look at you then leaned in and kissed your forehead. "We are a team and a team works together. For no matter what and through no matter what."

Nodding, you looked up at him. "Aright. But tomorrow. I still want to see if I can try to fix it on my own one more time."

Draco smirked. "Always the persistent one. Fine, only one last try." He searched your face, his eyes making your insides bubble with excitement. "God I love you," he whispered.

You gave him a small smile as you closed your hand around his and leaned into him. The both of you fell back onto the bed and you giggled as he peppered you with kisses. But exhaustion pulled at your body and you were feeling particularly cold. Without saying a word, the two of you got situated under the covers and you made sure to get as close to him as you could. Draco played with your hair as you let out a sigh of contentment. But before you fell deep into sleep you moved your face up a bit and kissed Draco on the lips lightly, almost teasingly before you laid back on his chest.

"I love you too," you whispered as you completely relaxed and sleep consumed you.

Draco smiled like an idiot. He loved seeing the two of you working through a problem like this so quickly. He loved that you still loved him despite his faults. And he loved that you loved him so much to want to keep a burden for yourself to spare him. But now he was almost excited to learn the bad news only if it meant the two of you would grow closer and he can fall in love with you all over again.

Whovian3135 I finally got it done. Hope you liked it

TAXES SUCK! I mean, it wasn't ALL that bad but it was a pain in the behind. Growing up can suck. BUT it's still worth it ;)

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