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You were super unsure about going to see Sean again this year at PAX

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You were super unsure about going to see Sean again this year at PAX.

You saw him last year and you accidently made a scene when you started balling in front of him. At that time you were not doing good, at all. You had dark thoughts, sad memories and scars to prove it. When it was your turn to see him, he turned to you and gave you the biggest smile known to man-kind. You tried to smile back but you were too worried he would see your scars. You tried to hide them but it was so hot in the large room that you rolled up your sleeves. But you had forgotten to roll them back down.

Jack was smart and didn't say anything when he saw them. Instead, he rushed forward and enveloped you in his arms. You sobbed as he gave you kind words of encouragement to help you know that you were not alone.  He pulled away and looked you right in the eyes, wiping away tears.

"Everything is going to be alright. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But eventually."

You were brought back to the present when you heard a familiar voice call you out by name. You looked around until you saw bright green hair. You stood still as you saw your idle and practical savior bound up to you and then envelop you in a hug just like last time.

He held you for a moment before pulling away, glancing at your healed scars, smiling at the lack of recent ones. "See. I knew you could do it!" He put his hands up to his face and just looked at you, his eyes full of pride. "I'm so proud." He then pulled you into another hug.

And then you cried. But this time it was happy tears, tears that made the world sparkle brighter. 


I hope this was what you were hoping for :D

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