Charles Xavier

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You skidded behind a large trash bin, breathing hard as you tried to catch your breath. Angry voices of the men who were chasing you sounded dangerously close. You held your breath as you heard footsteps come closer. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back, trying to find even just a smidge of strength left in you.

But you could feel yourself start to lose consciousness as you attempted to use your power. You weighed your choices. Use the last of your strength on your power and pass out or try to make a run for it and pass out somewhere else. Either way, you didn't see a good outcome. Your eyes shot open when you heard one of them hit the bin you were hiding behind.

I guess it's now or later... you thought as you stood up and clawed your fingers. You felt your body shift and change into your feline shelf. Teeth pointed, nails sharpened, tail formed and body poised for attack you waited until they got closer.

The larger of the men stepped right by your opening and you lunged. You wished you were able to use your heightened senses to gauge where the other attackers were but you were starting to see spots as it were. You sliced the brute up badly before you moved to the next one. But your step wavered and your head spun.

You heard voices but they weren't menacing like the others. You blinked, growling deep in your throat. Someone was coming closer. You took a stance, ready to defend yourself but you knew you won't last. So in one last ditch effort to maybe give him a nasty cut, you lashed out.

But instead of coming into contact with skin, someone grasped your wrist gently. You lost your footing and wavered. The hand moved from your wrist to under your arm. Their grasp was gentle and you had to grit your teeth as you tried to not lean into their chest as they pulled you to them. You let out another deep growl.

"Hey, hey, hey. Relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

Your eyes widened at the voice. You knew that voice. You tried to look up at him but your legs gave way and you fell into his chest. He grunted as he sat on the ground and reagusted you on his lap. He smiled down at you as you blinked up at him.

"Charles?" Your voice was weak but he smiled wider.

"Hello, Kitten." He moved some of your hair out of your face. "You're safe."

At his words you let your body rest, his kind eyes and bright smile being the last thing you saw before darkness took over.


You blink and groan as you sat up. Your hands grab at the soft blankets around you, your eyes blinking as you familiarized yourself with the room you were in. Slowly things started coming back you to and you blush.


You thought it was a dream seeing him again. It usually was. But this was real. You looked at your hands and sighed. You were back to normal. But you could still hear and smell everything around you. Slowly you got up off the bed and took one of the blankets, wrapping it around you like a cape.

Carefully and ignoring the stares of others, you made your way through the large school like building, following the scent of your dear friend.

You heard his voice before seeing him. Your heart beat quickened and you took a breath before stepping around the corner and into an office. Charles didn't see you but you didn't mind taking a few seconds to look him over as he talked with a silver haired boy.

Charles looked good. Really good. You wondered in the past if he was still around and if he was doing alright. Well, your questions were answered. You couldn't get over his hair, he let it grow out a bit. It must feel good to run your hands through.

You surprised yourself and coughed at the thought. That brought attention to you and your face warmed. Charles looked over and smiled kindly. He dismissed the silver haired boy then stood with his hands on his hips, openly looking you over.

"You slept like a baby. How are you feeling?"

You rolled your eyes and pointed at him. "Psyco."

He raised a brow at his old nickname, his eyes smiling. "Kitten."

You tried to keep your face straight as your heart reacted to his nickname for you. The fight you two had before you left rang in your ears like it was yesterday. You were sure he hated you. But you were more surprised he hadn't probed your mind first. You knew he was itching to. Maybe he did. How else could he have found you.

Charles let out a small laugh, looking down then looked up at you coyly. "I've kept my word. I didn't use my powers to find you or read your mind." His look was almost pleading and his voice was low.

You blinked and took a few steps forward, searching his face as you wrapped the blanket around you tighter. You searched his eyes and deemed him truthful. You nodded. "I believe you," you whispered as you took a step back.

But his hand shot out and he stopped you as he took a step closer, looking at you intently.

"I missed you."

You let out a breath, looking up at him with wide eyes. You couldn't bring yourself to say anything as you let him wrap his arms around you, bringing you to his chest.

"It took everything in me not to search for you. Not to reach out with my mind and beg you to come back. Please forgive me."

You blinked back tears as you willingly leaned into him, his strong scent filling your head with memories and a yearning for his friendship again. 

"There is nothing to forgive," you mumble into his chest, "Thank you for saving me."

Charles smiled as he held you tighter, placing a kiss on the top of your head. "I'm sure you had things sorted."

You smiled as you closed your eyes, listening to his strong heartbeat as you let him into your mind, rebuilding the friendship and trust you hope would grow into something more that will last for ages.

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