Draco Malfoy

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Draco likes to go outside to practice because he didn't want to wake you, being pregnant and all. You wake up to the distant sound of his playing, so you grab a shawl and your camera and go out, wanting to catch him in his natural state. You sneak the picture but you let out a surprised squeak when you feel the baby kick, for the first time.

Draco looks up suddenly, ready to throw the guitar on the ground and rush to you, but once he sees the smile on your face he relaxed, smirking. You waddle up to him and grab his hand, placing it gently on your large tummy.

"She loves it when you play," you coo sweetly, running your hand through your husband's hair. He sit's frozen in awe at the movement of his child under his fingers. You lean down a bit and kiss his head. "Play inside, love, you aren't bothering anyone," you whisper with a smile.

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