Steve Harrington (Season 2 Spoilers)

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Heads up, IRL I don't cuss...not regularly at least. I just write it if it is part of the character or what the character says. So yeah haha ENJOY

You biked as fast as you could down the street, the cold fall air even colder as you peddled faster. Seeing Billy driving as fast as he was worried you, including the look of murder on his face. He stopped at the Wheeler's house and went inside for a bit. You hid behind a row of bushes, ready to follow him wherever he was going next.

You were out looking for Dustin, your brother (well really step-brother, you were adopted), when you were nearly driven off the road by that prick. So naturally, you followed him, ready to give him a piece of your mind. But that plan soon changed once you figured something else was going on.

He finally left the Wheeler's, Mrs. Wheeler looking after him with a small smile that made your stomach churn. Keeping out of sight, you waited until he got in the car before you stepped out, pulling your bike with you to stop in front of his car.

"Move, you damn idiot."

You shook your head. "Not until you tell me where you are going. My brother has been missing all day."

Billy stuck his head out the window, lighting another cigarette. "Funny. You aren't the only one missing a little kid." He moved back into his car, starting it up. "Now move it, or you're road kill."

You rolled your eyes as you moved to the side, letting him roll by. But he stopped when his window came up to you. Blowing a puff of smoke in your face, he flicked cinders on the ground.

"Best you hope your little brother ain't where my step-sister is."

You waved your hand to disperse his smoke. "What's that gotta mean?"

"Let's just say somethings are gonna go down that won't be good for little eyes."

You leaned in, your eyes narrowing as your heart sped up. "Touch a hair on any of those kids' heads and I will personally smash in yours."

Billy looked mildly impressed, if not surprised. "Well would you lookie here, we have ourselves a little mama bear. Looks like I'm going to have to start playing rough with this one."

"You don't scare me."

Billy laughed, finished his cigaret and flicked it out the window and onto your shoe. He licked his lips before snearing. "Oh, you should be."

He then reached out and pushed you, making you fall to the ground. You landed on our bike, your back pinching in pain as your legs sprawled out. As Billy lit another cigaret, he cranked on his radio and drove off, but not before running over your right leg, just under the knee, making you cry out in pain.

You watched with blurred vision as Billy drove off, biting your tongue against the pain. You didn't want to alert the Wheelers in fear of them coming out to take you to the hospital, where you should be right now. But you didn't want to miss seeing where his car had gone. Billy turned left instead of right so that told you one thing.

The kids were at the Byers'.

Careful to not put too much weight on your leg and cry out, you hopped on one leg and picked up your bike, using it as sort of crutch. But you couldn't hop all the way there. So taking a deep breath and letting a few tears fall, you swung your bad leg around and got on, letting out a shaky breath as you pushed yourself off with your other foot. But eventually, you had to use your injured leg, pedaling as fast as you could, coasting when you could afford it.

You moaned, gasped, and cried as you struggled to the Byers home. Dustin hadn't told you much but you weren't stupid, especially when you were friends with Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. You kept your ear to the ground but your mouth shut, observing as things happened, waiting for the right time to step in and help. Like now.

When you showed up at the Byers' you were surprised to see Billy's car there. Even more so when you noticed who he was talking to. The one guy you couldn't help but kinda sorta like despite his jerk personality. He had his moments, but Steve was someone your brother looked up to, so it was kind of rubbing off on you.

You blinked back tears and wiped your face as you watched Billy and Steve talk. You looked in the window where Billy pointed, not able to hear what they were saying, and saw the kids all huddled around the window soon dart down. But not before you were able to catch a glimpse of your brother.

That made Billy mad and he pushed Steve to the ground making you clench your teeth. You pushed your bike with your good leg until you were close enough to call out to him as he slowly got up.


The teen turned and his eyes widened when he saw you. You gave him a weak smile but you started to wabble on your bike, your vision suddenly starting to tunnel.

"(Y/n)?" Steve called as he jogged up to you.

But the pain in your leg was nearly unbearable, your whole pant leg tight as it started to swell. You reached a hand out to him just as your bike tipped to the side, landing on your bad leg. You let out a scream just as there were screams coming from inside the house.

"(Y/N)!" Steve yelled as he knelt next to you, his hands hovering over your body, not sure what to do first. "Oh my god, what happened to you?"

But you shook your head. "Don't worry about me. Billy is going to hurt Max."

The two of you turned to the house as their screaming grew louder. But Steve turned away from them, his face stern as he gently took the bike from between your legs. He hissed as he saw your leg, blood soaking your shoe and pant leg.

Before you could protest, not like you had much energy to even try, Steve slid his arms under you and picked you up like you were nothing. Then he hurried into the house, gently placing you on the front room couch. He stroked your hair back and wiped at the tear tracks on your cheeks. The sound of the kids telling Billy to lay off made you shove Steve off you.

"Go, they need you. I'm not going anywhere."

Steve nodded as he stared at you, his mind conflicted. But Billy's voice snapped him to attention. You gave Steve's back a weak smile as you sagged into the couch.

"Go get him, tiger."

What all happened next came as a blur to you. The pain in your leg was excruciating and made it fairly difficult to stay conscious, but you weren't about to become dead weight. Once the fight made its way into the front room, you tried not to call out to Steve as he got his butt handed to him.

But something caught your eye that you had noticed when Steve brought you in. It was a syringe full of what looked to be some kind of sedative. Looking to the kids, you tried to catch one of their eyes. You winced with each hit Billy gave Steve, that is until Max caught your gaze.

With your eyes, you looked to the syringe on the counter. Max caught on and picked it up, stalking up behind her brother. You watched Max stab her brother with drooping eyes as you fought for consciousness. As Billy went down, you turned your attention to Steve's unconscious body on the floor. He was just close enough for you to reach down and place a hand on his bloodied face.

"Hold on, Steve. You did good."

You then lost consciousness completely, your hand still on his cheek. But not before you heard the jingling of keys and Max's determined voice.

"Let' get out of here."

Part two---->

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