Steve Harrington (Season 2 Spoilers) (part two)

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    You moaned as you blinked slowly, your mind fuzzy and your body aching. Looking around you realized you were in a car. Not a very big one. You were leaning back against the car door, your legs draped over Dustin and Steve while Mike held your injured leg in a crudely made splint of sorts. Dustin was holding a bag of ice to Steve's head but turned to you when you started to stir.

    He gave you a wide smile, his eyes crinkling with delight. "Hey, there sis! Glad you see you're not dead."

    You laughed a tiny bit as you lightly slugged his arm. "Unlike Mews."

    Instantely his face dropped and Mike snorted. You shook your head as you leaned back on the door, closing your eyes against the rocking of the car. "Don't' sweat it kid, he was getting old anyway."

    Suddenly you opened your eyes, your head popping up. "Who's driving?"

    Just then Steve was starting to stir, his eyes blinking heavily. He turned his head and looked to Dustin.


    "Hey," you quipped, reaching over to pull on his arm a bit. "I don't look anything like him."

    But Steve didn't answer. He looked around the car, his eyes slowly growing wider by the second. He reached for his face but you stopped him as Dunsin spoke to him softly.

"No don't touch it. Hey, buddy! Shhhh, it's ok you put up a good fight. He kicked your ass but you put up a good fight. You're ok."

    You winced with each jostle of the car, your head starting to hurt. Lucas then spoke, drawing your attention to the front seats. Your blood ran cold and you swallowed.

    Steve pushed Dustin's hands away as he too looked to the front seats. "What's going on?"

    He came to the same conclusion as you, making eye contact with you before you both started screaming at them.

    "OH my god."

    Dustin chimed in. "Whoa relax, she's driven before."

    You shook your head. "What? When?"

    Mike shook his head at Dustin. "Yeah in a parking lot."

    Steve started to freak out, looking everywhere and reaching out for the seats. "Oh my god..."

    Lucas looked back at Mike, his voice defiant. "That counts."

    "Oh, my god why didn't you have (Y/n) drive?"

    "My leg used for driving is a bit busted at the moment," you called back bracing yourself against Dustin.

    Dustin still tried to put the ice on Steve's head and you took it away, throwing it at your brother's chest. "What were you thinking?"

    Dustin turned to Steve. "We weren't going to leave you behind. I promised that you'd be cool."

    You closed your eyes as Max pressed harder on the gas, making Steve freak out even more. He reached out over Dustin and grabbed your hand, holding it tight as he told Max to slow down. You squeezed his hand back, tucking your good leg around his as Mike tried to hold your injured one steady.

    "I told you he'd freak out!" Mike yelled.

    "Slow down! Stop the car! Stop the car right now!" Steve shouted.

    "Everybody shut up! I'm trying to focus."

    Suddenly Lucas started screaming frantically with words you couldn't understand but you weren't ready for the turn Max took. And apparently, neither was Mike. Your legs rolled, your bad one hitting the ground. You let out a scream as you squeezed Steve's hand harder. The teen screamed along with you, pulling you over Dustin and to him as everyone else's screams joined in.

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