Humphrey Goodman

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TashaAmy1803-Hope it's to your liking! So sorry it's a tad long. I really liked this one haha

Sand. It gets everywhere. You were sweeping the police/detective headquarters when you heard the familiar footfall of your favorite detective just outside. You sourly wished you didn't look like a scullery maid.

"Good evening (L/n)."

You looked up and smiled at him, brushing a loose hair from your face. "Hello, Detective Goodman."

Humphrey chuckled and shook his head as he searched through some papers strewn across his desk. "How many times must I tell you; you may call me Humphrey. Especially after hours."

You swept up your last pile and disposed of it before walking over to his desk and leaning against it. "In that case, I must insist you call me (Y/n)."

Humphrey looked up and gave you a small nod, grinning. "A fair point, (Y/n)" He looked back to his desk, still rummaging through his desk.

You cocked your head to the side. "You missing something?"

"Hmm?" He glanced at you then nodded. "Ah yes. A small tear of paper. Has my ex's new number on it. I seemed to have misplaced my glasses and am in need of her sending my second pair, along with my last few belongings."

Your heart ached for the man. A year and eight months later and you could still see how broken up he was about his wife ditching him here all on his own. But about a year of that time, you have been harboring not only pity for him but attraction. You never thought you would be one to fall for a detective with a dangerous line of duty. But it's how he acts about it and handles situations that first opened your eyes to him.

That and he saved you from a druglord's band of mercenaries. You were a journalist but decided to quit and work here after you got yourself into some trouble and Humphrey used his quick wit and detective skills to get you out. Now you are a secretary of sorts. You document the cases and make sure no good deed goes unrecognized.

You nodded your head, looking around with him. A small yellow corner of an envelope peeked from under his keyboard. You lifted it and there it was, a small piece of paper with a number scrawled sloppily across it. You hesitated to pick it up but your actions drew the detective's attention.

"Ah! You found it. Perfect thank you. The sooner one interacts with one's ex, the better." Humphrey nodded his head to you and picked up the paper piece. "I will be just a moment."

Assuming he wanted to come back, you waited. You watched him go but soon pried your eyes away from him once he called her, not wanting to get caught eavesdropping. You would be lying if you said you weren't worried about him contacting her. You were harboring a secret you felt you should have told him long ago.

Sally had tried to contact Humphrey almost three months ago. But each time he was busy with paperwork, asleep or on a case, so you would "take a message" and tell her to wait before contacting him again. You told Humphrey about it when she first called a few times but he said he wasn't too pressed about talking to her. Yet, she seemed more anxious with each call. The most recent one, which was yesterday morning, she sounded upset and overly eager to speak to him. You asked what it was that she wanted and she slipped and said that she missed him.

You glanced up and saw his face change emotions several times. Not wanting to tempt yourself to listen in you moved to the back of the place to finish up cleaning, leaving him to his ex-wife.


Humphrey pinched the bridge of his nose as he blinked hard. Sally wanted him back.

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