Charles Xavier

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You blew at the hair in your face, bringing your shoulder up to move it out of your eyes

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You blew at the hair in your face, bringing your shoulder up to move it out of your eyes. You weren't one to cook at such odd hours of the night but this was an exception. Charles was out with Erik, looking for any mutant kids. So far they have only found a hand full, but the voices in his head keep bothering him, calling out for help or wishing that they never had powers.

There were some nights where you would make your rounds checking on everyone and you would find him sitting on the stairs or in his office blaring music, trying to drown out the voices. He had told you multiple times before how he wished he could go to each one and save them, show them that the power they possessed was amazing and that they were blessed.

You had no idea there were so many mutants out there, young and old, until he helped you enter his mind. That's when something dawned on you; he felt responsible for them and that he had to reach out to all of them. In all his heroics, Charles would forget one important thing: taking care of himself. So, as time went by you took it upon yourself to remind him to sleep, to feed him, to make sure he smiled at least once a day, and to always be there for him when voices became too much.

One day, you got the idea to use your powers to help him. You knew that he need only learn how to control his power so he didn't hear the voices so much but for the time being you wanted to help him. Being a herbalist and your power being able to affect plants, you decided to try and create a food or drink that could calm the voices long enough for him to sleep or have a moment to himself. It took you a few tries and a lot of patience but you were sure the mixture was right this time.

You placed a pot of soup on a small table along with a cup of tea and his favorite cookie. Like clockwork, you heard him enter the school and head to the kitchen. He looked tired. The worry lines on his face aged him and his gait was heavy. He hadn't noticed you as he turned his back to you to grab a beer out of the fridge. You leaned against the kitchen counter and crossed your arms.

"I thought I told you no more late night drinking."

You snickered as Charles jumped, hitting his head on the fridge and turning around, glaring at you. "I thought I told you no more sneaking up on me."

You shrugged as you walked over to him, gingerly taking the beer out of his hand and putting it away before guiding him to the table. "Looks like we both have something to work on. But I have something a bit more pressing at the moment."

Glancing at the table then back at you, Charles' eyes widened and he smiled slightly. "You found the right recipe, didn't you?"

You shrugged again but matched his smile. "I have a feeling this may be more effective than your interesting choice in music. But I have to make sure." You gestured to the set table.

Charles sat down, nodding for you to join him. "Which is it in? The soup or tea?"

You sat across from him and smiled, raising your eyebrows knowingly. "Or the cookie. I hope you're hungry." You crossed your arms and leaned back in your chair, watching him.

The corners of Charles' lips lifted just a bit as he let out a single huff before turning to the food before him. Knowing where the relaxant was, you watched eagerly as he tucked into the food. He would look up at you from time to time as if trying to glean from you where it was. But like a tree, you stood still, unwavering and emotionless.

It wasn't until he got to the cookie did your countenance change. But just for a moment. Charles always dunked his cookie into his tea. Strange, no doubt, but necessary for the relaxant to work. You watched carefully as he dipped it gently, tapped it on the side three times, then took a bite. A smile formed on your lips as you watched his eyes widen and his hand holding the half eaten cookie fall to the table.

Charles had forgotten what it was like to hear...nothing again. What it was like to only have the rushing of blood fill his ears. For a moment he was frightened, somewhat used to all the chatter. But it felt like he needn't strain anymore. No need to push anything back. No need to clench his hand as you talked just to focus on what you were saying.

He glanced up at you and about reached over and grabbed you to kiss you senseless. But he came to his senses and settled for soaking in your happy, proud smile. Charles leaned back in his chair and blinked back tears. You stood up and walked over to him, sitting on the corner of the table.

"So I take it it worked?"

All he could do was nod. He looked up at you and stared. You gave him a questioning look. You feared it may have worked too well and made him space out.

"Are you alright?" You reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder. Charles surprised you by standing. Having yet to say a word, you watched his every move to make sure he was still himself. You tilted your head to the side, your proud smiled turning to worry.

"Charles, honey, are you alright?"

Charles just nodded as he leaned into you, wrapping his arms around you gently as he rested his head on your shoulder. You could feel him shaking and was about to demand an answer when he beat you to it. "I can hear your breathing. I can hear your heart." His voice was small and you could feel your shirt getting wet from supposed tears.

You let out a relieved breath as you held him tight. The two of you sat there for a few moments before you leaned back a bit to look at him. His face was a bit red from crying but he looked almost ten years younger. But you could also see him struggling to keep his eyes open.

Ever so gently you moved to be under his arm as you held him to you. "Let's get you into bed. I'm sure  you will feel ready to take on the voices in the morning." You meant it as a small joke but he wasn't paying attention.

Charles was looking right at you, taking in the sound of your voice. He always thought you had a pretty voice, warm and inviting. But it was a whole other story now that he could hear you and only you. It was like he was seeing you for the first time. Your hair was softer to the touch, your eyes were brighter and your body was warmer. Erik would call him a sorry sap for what he was thinking but Charles didn't care. All he cared about was hearing you talk more.

He was brought out of his own thoughts when you snapped your fingers. "Man. Maybe I put too much in that dose." You hand him a change of clothes. "Here get dressed. I'll fix up your bed that you haven't made in a million years."

He changed quickly and watched as you finished up with the bed. You turned to him and nodded to the inviting mattress. "Best to go to sleep now before it wears off and you can't get to sleep."

Charles pushed off the wall he was leaning on and walked over to his bed, sitting down. Looking up at you, he searched your face. "Thank you."

You smiled and nodded. "I'm just glad it worked this time. Now, sleep." You leaned over him and pushed him by his shoulders gently onto his bed. You turned to leave but your hand was caught by his, softly pulling you back.

"Stay. Please. As much as I hate to admit it it's going to be too quiet for me."

You thoguth a moment then shrugged. "I suppose so. Just don't get any ideas."

Charles smirked. "I can hardly think when I'm around you." You fell next to him, his hand reaching over to push your hair back from your face. "You have a way of calming me." Already his words were slurring and his eyes were drooping.

You smiled and leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on his temple. "Sleep you drugged mutant."

In response, Charles grabbed you and wrapped you in his arms, pulling you close to his chest. You smiled again as you buried your face in his chest the both of you falling asleep to the sound of each other's breathing and synchronized heartbeats.

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