Nathan Drake

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Your bound body swayed with the movements of the train, your glaring eyes never leaving the guard who held you captive. The gag over your mouth saved the man from nothing but harsh words that rolled around in your mind. It was better to occupy your mind by cursing the mercenaries than to think about your home and the people who probably didn't miss you. You internally hissed as the rope around your arms and wrists dug into your already tender skin. You kept your gaze even with the guard on duty, laughing to yourself when he squirmed.

You were positive this one-sided staring contest was approaching two hours when a second guard came running in, a mixture of fear and urgency evident on his face. He whispered into the ear of your captor, making him glance at you before gazing back the way his friend came. He touched the fancy little dagger strapped to the front of his chest like he had to make sure it was still there. There was a distant cry and the echoing sounds of guns going off. Looks like someone decided to join the party. Too bad they have no idea you were here. You had accidentally made sure of that.

Your captor turned to you and came alarmingly close, his breath making you want to gag as if you weren't already. You dug your fingers into the red fabric of your seat to keep you from headbutting the guy.

"Don't move you pathetic chit!" There were more cries and the gun shots were sounding closer. He flicked your nose and laughed. "Don't get your hopes up." He winked and left with his friend, joining in on whatever was going on. Your insides boiled with anger but you stayed put, not exactly feeling up to escaping only to be found and have to fight him again.

You closed your eyes as the train car shook very violently, your muscles fencing to keep you from falling on your face. You kept your eyes closed as you tried to pick out how many visitors were fighting the mercenaries.So far you could tell it was only one person. But you couldn't exactly trust your judgment, you were tired, hungry and in desperate need of a shower. The train car shook again, successfully tossing you to the ground. You grunted and tasted blood, your cheek throbbing from the fall. Now you heard rocket launchers from their helicopter followed by the rat tat tat of a large tank machine gun...Great, next thing you need is for the train to derail and send you to your death. You grunted with another unnerving shake of the train car; this visitor was proving to be a pain.


Nathan let out a yell as he jumped to another train car, the helicopter successfully out of the picture. He leaned back against a wall, hiding from any more possible mercenaries as he checked his ammo. Not too much but enough to last him until the next group of guys. The sudden sound of bullets just missing his head caused him to crouch, holding his Wes. 44 at the ready.


After another round of shots, Nathan glanced around the thin wall. He spied only two guys but one of them was big and looked a bit tougher than the others. A glint on his chest caught Nathan's eye.

The dagger.

With a deep breath, Nathan turned the corner and gunned down the first guy, leaving him alone with the big one. Using up all that was left of his ammo, Nathan drove the guy back so he was backed up to the open doorway, the snow covered landscape zooming by behind him. The click of his empty mag made the big guy grin as he lifted his fists, ready to fight.

Nathan tossed away his empty gun and dodged a blow, punching the guy's gut as hard as he could. But it didn't look like it affected him much.Well crap.As quick as he could, Nathan dodged, pushed, punched and kicked the guy, quickly growing tired. But with a successful blow to the head, the big guy went down.

"Finally." Nathan reached down and took the dagger from him.

Inspecting it he didn't see the big guy get up until it was too late, the brute pushing him against a window and wrapping his large hands around Nathan's neck. With little energy to begin with, Nathan found it hard to push the guy off. Right before his eyes went black the brute stilled, a gunshot wound appearing on his head. The guy dropped and Nathan looked around.

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