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Due to me ending my ST one-shot book I had some late entries but couldn't say no. I'M NOT TAKING ANY STAR TREK REQUESTS. Just these last two were last-minute additions. If you like these go check out my ST book ;)

Bandit-McCoy-You have been so kind and patient! I hope you enjoy!

You groaned as you held your hand tightly on the bleeding wound on your side. Pain blinded you as you reached out with your free hand to course correct your damaged escape pod. Sweat raced down your face making you wipe it away and shiver. Another wave of pain made you gasp as the ship rocked.

You checked your sensors, your front window screen cracked and damaged, leaving you all but flying blind. The ship shook again and you winced. Pushing up to the console with your last bit of energy, you checked where you were. You groaned, leaning back and breathing hard as you checked your dripping wound.

"A bloody astroid field."

You growled as you assessed your wound. You weren't sure if it was a good idea to take the metal shards out of your side, but you couldn't do anything about that now. You then looked at your left leg where another shard of metal embedded itself in your calf. You closed your eyes as you breathed through your teeth, blinking back unconsciousness.

As one final effort to survive, you looked at your navigation. A blip of a ship of unknown origin showed up on the indicator but it was too far, nearly fourteen clicks west. But you were going to take what you could get. You locked onto their position and prayed your escape pod would stay together and your body wouldn't bleed out long enough for you to reach that ship.

You splayed yourself across the two seats in the back and wrapped your side with what was left of the pod's medical supplies then laid down. You next took some supplement pills and tried to sleep, doing your best to ignore the banging and rocking of the ship as you slowly passed through the asteroid field.


Entering the turbo lift, Bones nodded as Spock told him of Uhura's pregnancy tendencies, the Vulcan fully convinced his wife was going to turn into a Klingon with all the odd foods she was craving. Bones shook his head and smirked as the lift opened and the two science officers entered the Bridge.

"Spock, I'm not surprised, only a Klingon would marry you."

Spock paused, his eyes boring into the doctor. "My wife is not a Klingon."

Bones raised his brows and tried to hide a smile but was failing. "Well, you answered your own question."

"I never questioned my wife's species. I merely fear my son will grow up to crave that which she is eating." Spock turned to the screen, looking over it intently, mumbling under his breath. "A man can only withstand the smell of pickle juice and honey mustard for so long."

Bones chuckled, clapping the Vulcan on the back. "You are going to be a great dad."

Spock just continued to stare out the screen. "Something is not right."

Bones crossed his arms and snorted, also turning to the screen. "I agree. There are going to be two Spock's in three months."

Spock ignored him and walked closer to the screen. "Enhance."

The asteroid field that the enterprise was facing, hiding from a Klingon armada, was moving about, the rocks bumping off of something. Bones saw it too. Spock turned to the crew, looking around for the captain.

"Where is Captain Kirk?" Spock asked.

A woman piped up. "Restroom, sir."

Spock turned back to the screen Bones glancing between him and the screen. "What is it, Mr. Spock?"

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