Draco Malfoy

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It has been weeks since you have lasts seen him

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It has been weeks since you have lasts seen him. Since your son has seen his father. Draco was gone on business with Harry and Ron to clear something up with a somewhat large incident with some muggles and a few escaped magical creatures. You had just finished getting your son ready for the day when the front door opened. You grabbed your wand but it dropped from your hand as you saw who it was.

"Da-da!" Your son yelled as he rushed to him on his little legs.

Draco smiled wide, kneeling to the floor as his son ran into his open arms. "How's my boy?" He asked as he looked up at you. "And how's my beautiful wife?"

You blushed as he stood to give you a kiss so sweet you didn't want it to end. But your son wanted attention.

"Song da! Da song!" He chirped as he waved his hands up and down.

Draco smiled wide, putting him on the ground. "Alright, give da a minute." He stands and gave you a wink along with a quick peck before heading to your shared bedroom.

Your son danced around to his own music as he waited. Suddenly he let out a squeal when he spotted his dad walk out. You smiled wide when you saw Draco come out of your room in comfortable clothes and with his guitar, him strumming your son's favorite song.

Draco started to sing as he leaned against the kitchen counter, looking at you with adoring eyes. You pulled out your camera as your little boy started to dance. You giggled silently until the song was over.

Draco put his instrument down to pick up his son, smirking wide as he attacked him with kisses, his little shrill happy laughs filling the room. Your son places his hands on Draco's mouth to make him stop then lean on his shoulder with a big hug. You put away your phone and joined them, resting our head on your husband's other shoulder, wrapping your arms around him. You leaned up and kissed under his jaw.

"Welcome home, love," you whispered.

Draco pulled back to cup your cheek. "I would rather no nowhere else." He winked before giving you a long deep kiss. That is until your son decided to join in, wrapping his little arms around both of your hands and making little kissy noises, causing the both of you to start laughing.

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