Peter Pevensie

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Peter looked in the mirror as he straightened his evening clothes, turning to the side and pulling down at his Narnian sash. He let out a breath as he stood before himself, wondering why he was even there. Shaking his head, he grabbed his decorative sword and left his room, leaving his selfish feelings behind.

This was a day of celebration for you. You were finally being recognized as the leader of your country by other leaders, brightening the male heavy leadership roles with your radiant smile and wise words. You were his first ally he gained when he became High King of Narnia. Soon after, there was talk of a possible bond in marriage, joining Narnia with your resource rich country. But he saw how uneasy you were with the idea and having just taken your own thrown, he quieted the eager talk, quickly earning your friendship in the process.

But he would be lying if he said he didn't want to bring the topic up again now that you are well established in your role. But he never got the chance to really have a moment with you. Despite having kept up correspondence through letter for the past five years, he had only seen you a handful of times in that same time.

So he found it hard to keep his emotions in check as he accepted your invitation to a meeting of leaders in celebration of your kingdom's blossoming harvest and drop in poverty. He was so proud of you, words could not express. If anyone deserved a celebration it was most definitely you. But since arriving four days ago, he has noticed you were always in the company of other men, making it hard to have any kind of conversation with you.

He shook his head, he was just being selfish again. But one thing bothered him more than anything else. One man in particular seemed to like being around you, if not too close. Several times be would catch your eye and he would find a way to step between him and yourself but he knew he couldn't always be there for you. Though he wished to be.

But you were a strong girl. You knew how to handle yourself, especially with such men driven leadership all around you. Taking one last deep fortifying breath, Peter entered the dining area, ready to get this celebration underway and hopefully find time to speak with you.

You, on the other hand, were at your wit's end and tired. You sat at your vanity as your lady-in-waiting did a trained job of doing your hair. You closed your eyes and took the moment to compose yourself for the long night ahead. Being the only Queen among Kings, Governors, and Emperors, you found yourself playing mother, governess, and headmistress all at once. There were few moments where you felt you were truly enjoying yourself and, to your pleasure, it was always when you were anywhere near your Narnian King.

His gold hair, striking blue eyes, and broad shoulders were easy to find in the sea of tall, dark and handsome men vying for your attention. Despite having several women around to even the playing feild, the men got it into their minds that you were looking for a spouse. Perhaps you were, but you have yet to talk to him about anything other than the usual dull party conversations that meant nothing more than a passing breath in the wind.

You opened your eyes as you felt a hand on your shoulder signaling that your hair was finished. You stood and took one last look in the tall mirror. The dress you wore was different than the ones woman usually wore. It was still long and elegant but you wore no constricting corset, you feared you would pass out if you were to wear it tonight. Therefore your figure was true to form and your breast was less voluptuous, giving you a bit more room to breath and hopefully fill your stomach. You nodded to your help and started out your door.

You closed your eyes as you stood outside the doors to the dining room. Muffled voices and music reached your ears. Perhaps you can ask Peter to stay an extra day or so after the others have left. It would be a nice change of twelve men to one.

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