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For Whovian3135 cuz who doesn't want a cute little sleeping bean of their own ;)

For Whovian3135 cuz who doesn't want a cute little sleeping bean of their own ;)

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"Alright, out you guys. Take care of your business then come back and help me set up camp," Gladio called as he parked the car at a campsite.

You chorused with the other three guys as you all rushed off to do just that. But you noticed something wasn't quite right with your blond haired friend. Prompto didn't rush into the little town you guys stopped at and find the first thing he saw and tried to take a picture with it. Instead, he walked slowly into a nearby bar/inn, his head hanging low.  You caught up with him, placing a hand on his arm. Your eyes widened at how warm he felt to the touch. Almost like he was sunburnt.

"Whoa, hey you alright?"

Prompto turned to you, smiling weakly. "Yup. All good." Then he continued on his way to the back of the building to the restrooms.

You gave him a hard stare. "You feel really warm."

He waved you off before going into his respective restroom. "Don't worry about it. We do travel in a topless convertible."

You let out a breath as the door shut behind him. Since joining the group and traveling with them everywhere, you noticed Prompto sucked at taking care of himself. Had you not been there to tell him to drink, tie his shoes, and not toss his knives in the dark, he would be dead from dehydration, a trip during battle, and self-immolation. You can't help but question how the man survived before you came along.

The two of you were best of friends, but only recently did you start to feel something a little...different when around him. You couldn't quite place it but it made your worrying ten times more apparent and you couldn't get yourself to stop thinking about him. Sometimes you got the impression he may feel differently about you too, in a good way.

You had gotten sick recently and Prompto was ever the attentive one. Sleeping by you in case you needed something, getting you food, tucking you in warm when he thought you were asleep. He even made you food once when you woke up after your fever broke and you were starving. It wasn't half bad. Since then you couldn't stop getting his face out of your mind and his gentle brushes on your skin to stop tingling. 

After doing your business and shopping around the town for foods and small trinkets, you came up to the camp, its familiar setup making you smile and feel right at home. Ignis thanked you for the food and got started on making dinner. Noctis was brooding about something Gladio said, his booming laughter filling the sky. You looked around for Prompto, his usual smile and jokes missing.

Just when you were about to drag Noctis with you to go find Prompto, your man in question appeared, his feet dragging as he walked up to the camp from the town. You gave him an odd look as you caught up to him, falling in step with his lazy strides.

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