Draco Malfoy

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Draco let out an annoyed growl as he set his book down for the fourth time. The girls a few book rows in front of him would not shut up, giggling and whispering loudly about him. So what if he decides to read a leisurely book in the library. That's what a library is for, right? He would be in the astronomy tower but there was a class in there.

He was about to get up and leave but paused as he saw a figure walk up to them, say something making them leave, then turned around to sit directly in front of him.

You swiped some hair behind your ear as you sat down, pulling out a book from your bag as you set it on the floor. You kept to yourself as you started reading for your transfiguration class, ignoring the stare you could feel from the young Malfoy across from you.

"You know it isn't polite to stare."

Draco blinked, clearing his throat. "Good thing I'm not the polite type."

You smirked, finding his response ironic. "Oh, of course, you aren't."

Draco gave you a side glance as he slowly lifted his book as if he was going to get any more reading done. You flipped a page, biting your lip as you tried to understand this section. But it didn't help with your boyfriend's eyes boring into your body.

You close your book with a loud snap making him jump. You smirked. "Dear," you leaned forward, resting your elbows on your knees, "you know I can't work very well with you looking at me like that."

 Draco copied your stance, raising an eyebrow. "What look? Besides, am I not allowed to look at my beautiful girlfriend?"

You gave him an apologetic look. "Sorry, you can't. Not when it was your rule to steer clear of showing any kind of affection outside to the rest of the world." You shrugged as if it were out of your hands.

He bites his lip, unaware of what that action did to your heart. "Suppose I didn't care."

You blinked and looked up at him, searing his face for the joke. But he was serious. You leaned over again, whispering harshly at him, "Have you forgotten that we are in the Hogwarts library?"

Draco gave you a shrug. "So?"

Your eyes widen, you scoot closer to the edge of your seat. "SO?!" you almost yell at him, "either y ou are asking for the rumors and ridicule your will get for being seen with me or you have completely lost it."

Draco stood, taking the seat next to you. He placed his book next to yours on the table, taking one of your hands in his. "I'm a Malfoy. Nothing bothers me."

You roll your eyes and scoff. "And I'm Rita Skeeter, here to report the truth."

At that Draco smiled, truly smiled. "You want to know what I really think?"

You turned to look at him fully, reaching and placing your other hand on his arm. "You have me on the edge of my seat."

"I honestly can't take it anymore. Seeing you around but not being able to show you I care or that I am thinking of you." He looked at you, his stare making your face blush and your ears warm. "Screw what others think. Your thoughts are the only ones I care about other than my own."

Your heart swelled and you smiled, nodding. "Alright. If you're sure."

Draco leaned forward, cupping your face with one of his hands. "Absolutely."

He captured your lips with his. Ignoring the quiet gasps around him and without breaking the kiss, Draco picked you up and placed you on his lap. You smiled into the kiss, holding him close. Once air was needed, he pulled away but kept you in his lap, his arms around you as he picked up his book. He kissed your forehead making you sigh contently. You nestled yourself into him, closing your eyes as you listened to the rhythmic beat of his heart. His warm, human heart. His heart that beat for you with every breath that he took.

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