Sebastian Vettel

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You let out a squeal as you walked out onto the race track

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You let out a squeal as you walked out onto the race track. Sebastian smiled at you fondly as you skipped up to the red Ferrari. You never dreamed you would actually be able to see the car personally, let alone ride in it. It helps to have a close family friend who happens to be a star racer.

Sebastian leaned against the side of the car as you walked around it, oogling.

"SEB! It's even more beautiful up close!" You looked up at him as you kneeled down to examine the slick tires. "I'm sure she drives like a dream."

He let out a chuckle as he joined you, feeling the bolts on the inner rim. "how would you like to test that theory?"

Your smiled widened as you nodded vigorously. You also couldn't get over how cute his accent was. Sure, you heard him over the phone during late night calls and daily Skype sessions. But it never fails to cover your arms in goosebumps and make your heart beat faster. Now if only there was a way to hear his voice every day but not through a phone...

Sebastian held out his hand for you. You took it and he gently pulled you up with him. He smiled down at you as he nodded to the car. "Hop in." He opened the door for you, shutting it when you were in. "Oh, and I hope you remember that ASL you learned in high school. You're going to need it after I'm done."

You rolled your eyes. "As if you'll make me lose my voice."

He let out a laugh then leaned into your open window. "I can think of a way." He winked then pushed off the car, walking over to the driver's side.

You took a deep breath and fanned your face a bit, biting your lip. Why does he have to play with your feelings like that?

Sebastian had a stupid grin on his face as the car started, humming to life. You felt it in your bones, giving you goosebumps. Sebastian looked over as you and raised his eyebrows as if asking: are you ready?

You nodded again, smiling like a fool. With no further prompting, Sebastian gunned it. The ride felt amazing and the wind on your face made you feel like a teenager on a date with the boy your father hated. Your smile grew as you thought of Sebastian being that boy. You glanced over at him and your heart warmed. He looked so happy. So at home. So free.

Sebastian felt your stare and glanced over at you before looking back at the road. "If you like how she feels now, you should roll up that window."

You blinked. He told you something but you weren't exactly paying attention. "What?"

He chuckled, making you smile. "Unless you want your hair to be everywhere and a mouthful of bugs, I suggest you roll up your window."

You reached over and rolled up the window just as the car started to go faster. Much faster. You were about to ask why when you saw it; winding roads, perfect for drifting. You buckled yourself tighter and you let out an excited giggle.

Sebastian was tempted to look over at you but at the same time, he wanted to do this right. With practiced skill and swift reflexes he took turns and covered corners like the pro he was. And he was rewarded justly with squeals of delight and surprise from beside him. You smiled wide as he maneuvered around the track. Your hair whipped around and your body leaned with the turns. Sebastian was right,  you were sure to lose your voice at the rate you were screeching in excitement. But you didn't want him to think the same thing and boast about being right.

You looked over at him and smacked his arm. "This is child's play, dear. Hardly impressive."

He glanced at you and a smirk formed. He took your challenge and stepped on the gas before glancing back at you. "Hmm. Would hate to not impress the girlfriend on the first date." And with that he drove to an open area and busted out a few good donuts and a clean figure eight, successfully blowing you away as well as the thoughts you had after what he said.

After a few minutes, the two of you were back where you started. But neither of you moved as the car hummed to a complete stop then turned off. The both of you were breathing hard and your hands were shaking. You clasped them and held them between your legs as you let out a nervous laugh.

"Pitty I don't remember a lick of ASL." Your voice was quiet and your smile didn't reach your eyes.

Sebastian's heart dropped. Perhaps it was too much. He could have sworn you liked him like that. Maybe he should have made 100% sure you wanted what he wanted. Hesitantly, he reached over and rested his hand on your knee.

"You good?"

You nodded, letting out another nervous laugh. "I guess you not only took away my voice but my breath." You looked over at him shyly. "And perhaps you took my heart as well." You reached out and laid a hand atop his.

Sebastian looked down and let out a laugh then looked up at you again. You were closer and your eyes were searching his face. It took him just a second to do what he had wanted to do longer than win any race. With his other hand, he reached over and cupped your face, leaning in closer. But paused, as if asking to continue.

You smirked. "I call dibs on being your number one girl to the car."

Sebastian smiled, his eyes drinking in your (e/c) eyes smiling at you. "Wouldn't dream of it any other way."

You closed the gap before he finished his words. If it weren't for the stupid console divider you would be in his arms and not a centimeter farther. But you took the liberty of taking off his hat and running our hands through his hair as your lips moved in sync.

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