Draco Malfoy

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You were only slightly sick when you woke up but by the time you were ready for work and about to head out the door, you were practically dead. Draco had already gone to work so you called in sick and slept. Fitfully.

Draco was waiting for you in his office to have lunch with you like he always did on Wednesdays but when you didn't show he became worries. He contacted all your staff and crew at the Wizard Weekly but was only met with "she's not in".

Leaving work early, Draco found himself thinking the worst even when he apparated to the house and found your things where they usually were when you made it home before him.

He searched the house but left the master bedroom for last, spying your sick sleeping form in a heap on the bed. Draco leaned against the doorframe as he loosened his tie and took off his shoes.

At the sound of soft shuffling and the smell of your husband's cologne, you cracked an eye open. Draco kneeled at the side of the bed to be eye level with you as he stroked your hair, looking at you with sweet worried eyes.

"Hello, darling." His voice was like a warm blanket over your painfully sick body.

You tried to muster up the energy to reply but you could only get a lame moan out, your eyes drooping.

Without prompting, Draco helped you change into something a bit more comfortable, set you right in the sheets then left to set a pot of tea. You smiled wide when he came back with a warm cup of your favorite tea, his eyes never leaving the cup in fear of spilling it. He helped you take a sip before setting down on the side table.

"Just relax and try to get some rest. I'll be right here if you need me."

"But your work."

"Shhh, love," he leaned down and kissed your forehead as he made himself comfortable next to you. "Against popular belief, you do happen to be more important than my work." He conjured a book to read as you rested yourself against him, loving the feeling of warmth and security he gave you.

Before, it was near impossible to fall asleep. But with the sound of pages turning, Draco's breathing and the feel of his hand making nonsense patterns on your arm and back, occasionally playing with bits of your hair, you fell fast asleep. 

Dedicated to Whovian3135 cuz she is a wee bit sick and I loved this idea.

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