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You happened to run into Stiles twice in one day. First, it was at the store when you saw him and his buddy put a really odd combination of things in their basket. You kept to yourself but you couldn't help but overhear them say something about skipping town for a few days. Something you desperately needed help with. So you stayed close to them throughout the store, hoping to glean some more information off of them.

One of them noticed you every now and then and so you made it your business to catch his eye every time he looked at you. He was cute and his friend had to say his name a few times to grab his attention. Stiles. Huh. Unique name.

It wasn't until check out that you had finally made your plan and those boys were going to be your ticket out of here whether they liked it or not. Surely they can be persuaded.

The cute one, Stiles, took the time in line to flirt with you, well as best one could in the check out line. You would smile and sometimes laugh. You had to give him credit, he was hilarious. But it would be the opposite of good to get close to your scapegoat of sorts. His friend, you didn't catch his name, called for Stiles like an annoyed parent would their toddler.

You smirked. "Mommy's calling."

Stiles winced dramatically. "Alas, it seems as we must part ways."

You leaned into him, winking. "Mmm, so it seems. But I wouldn't be so surprised. The world is a small place."

Stiles raised his eyebrows and nodded, liking the sound of that. "To a small world then." He saluted you off before racing over to his friend.

The second time he saw you was when you jumped in the back of their car but not for the reasons you had originally planned for. You tried to steady tour breathing as you ignored the shouts from Stiles' friend. But his yelling brought you to Stiles' attention and you couldn't help but laugh when he turned around.

Curly fries were stuffed in his mouth but quickly fell out as his jaw went lacks at seeing you. "You!"

You quelled your laughter at the sound of shots and growling. You spun around and eagerly searched for your followers. Thankfully you could only hear them. You turn back to the boy's, Stiles still looking at you in awe.

"Please, I need your help. You need to drive to anywhere."

Without hesitation the other guy stepped on it. You were about to thank him but a howl sounded in the not so distant distance. You involuntarily reached out grasping Stiles by the shoulder.

He looked back at you. Clearly you were frightened. "So you mind telling us what is going on?"

You looked back at him. Noticing your hand on his shoulder you quickly took it back. "Oh you wouldn't understand. Or even believe me for that matter."

Stiles turned all the way around in his seat, eating the fallen fries from earlier. "Try me."

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