Chapter Fiftey Eight

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Kamryn Kelly______________

I wake up to the feeling of goosebumps on my back. I open my eyes to meet Niall's. He was ever so gently rubbing my back with his soft finger tips.

"Morning." He smiles.
"Morning." I yawn. "Sleep good?"
"Perfect." He retracts his hand from my back.

"No." I mutter. "Don't stop." I move closer to him rolling on my stomach as he proceeds to rub my back.
That was until a small knock was heard at the white wooden door and Maura's soft voice followed.

"Niall, Kamryn. Breakfast."

I jump up. "How'd she know?"

"She knows everything." Niall groaned and rolled out of bed.

"Will we get in trouble?" I ask.

"Kam, we're not 16, I don't think we will get grounded or get our phones taken away." He tiredly rolls out of bed and starts his way to the door.

"Wait for me." I kick the blankets off my cold legs and quickly catch up with Niall, who In fact, left me in the room.
I catch up with Niall at the top of the steps and grabbed his hand as we walked down the steps.

"Well well well, if it isn't the lovely couple." Maura holds out two plates for the two of us to take.

"Mrs. Hor- uh, I'm so sorry." I put my free hand up.

Niall let go of my hand taking the white glass plate from his mom's hand to fill it up. Clearly he wasn't worried about this predicament.

"Oh honey, I had a feeling it would happen." She patted my shoulder. "Go on, help yourself." She gave me my plate and guided me over to Niall where perfect scrambled eggs sat with sausage and bacon.

Not wanting to look like a pig. I put one spatula full of eggs on my plate with a single peace of bacon, deciding not to take some sausage, not that it didn't look delicious.

I look up at Niall to wait for him to walk over to the table, only to find his blue eyes staring down at my plate.

"It looks good." I smile.

Instead of replying Niall turned around and picked up a sausage to set on my plate and added another spatula full of eggs.

"Coffee?" He asks after turning around to the dark wood table.

"Yes please." I smile.

"I'm on it." Maura interjects.

"Let me help." I set down my plate and walk back to her.

"Thank you doll, but it's only coffee."
"I work at a coffee house." I add
"Love, go sit down."
"Okay." I give up and walk back to Niall to start on my delicious breakfast.

"So how long do you guys plan to stay?" Niall's mom changes the subject not tolerating any awkward silences.

"Well, Kammy has a job and I have soccer conditioning Monday. So we will probably leave tomorrow.


"Well you must show Kamryn your room. Oh, and baby pictures." After prepping the coffee machine she leaves the kitchen to get baby pictures of Niall I conjecture.

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