Fifty Three (pt2)

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Previously on The Beauty and The Jerk:

"Can I please I have another call for my girlfriend." I sigh

The officer looked at me before sighing, signaling for me to go on.

As my finger pressed the cold rusty buttons I just couldn't help but shake the feeling that she wouldn't help me. Why would she? She's probably pissed.

Despite that fact, at the fourth ring Kamryn picked up.
"Niall?" Kamryn questioned, recognizing my voice.

"Kamryn I-"
"Niall I'm sorry I shouldn't have-"

"Kam I'm in Jail." I bite my lip waiting for a response.

"Jail? What did you do to get in Jail?"
"I'll explain later, just can you come get me? I understand if you don't-"

"I'll be there in ten." Nothing else was said because next thing I know, a steady beep sounded.

Ten minutes later the horrible buzz of the door sounds signaling someone had just come in. That someone was thankfully Kamryn.

"Kamryn." I desperately jump up.
"Niall!" She automatically ran to the edge of the counter between us to kiss me.

"I'm sorry I'm a dick!"
"No, I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked about kids." She kissed me again.

"And I'm sorry I became a cop, we're all sorry." The cop's scruffy voice brought us apart.

He then got out all this paper work and fancy shit that Kamryn and I had to fill out about me and they informed me I would be sent a bill for my tickets.
As soon as the commotion was over I grabbed Kamryn's hand knowing she shouldn't be in this place longer then she needed to.

"So what happened?" Kamryn asked once we were both in her car.

"Basically after I left your apartment I sat in my car a few minutes and had a few beers. After I was finished with my beers I put them in the cup holders and sped off. When I got pulled over he noticed I didn't have a seat belt on and dr dumbass saw my beer bottles and thought I was drunk!"

"Well, you made some nice decisions today."

"Hush." I look at her trying to hide my smile, but with Kamryn that's almost
Impossible. "How is Hannah?"

Kamryn glanced at me looking a little surprised.

"She's... she's still taking it all in."
"Is she gonna tell Max?"

Kamryn looks at me again, this time at a red light,
"Niall, I don't want to be mean, but Hannah doesn't exactly like you sometimes and I don't think she wants us to talk about it. It's also not
my place."

"Right, uh, sorry." I look out the window.

I'm just trying to act a bit more interested... but makes things easier on me.

"Where is your car at?" 
"7th street."

She nodded and in ten minutes Kamryn dropped me off at my car.

"Thank you." I smile from my car. "Hey!" I stop her before she rolled up her window.
"Yeah." She looked up from her small silver Honda Civic car to my black range rover.
"Let me make it up to you. My apartment around six, yeah?"

Kamryn's blue eyes glanced at the gloomy sky above us in thought.
"Yeah, what do you have in mind?"

"Come and find out." I wink and roll up my window before driving off; this time controlling my speed.

Kamryn Kelly_______________

It was 6:15 when I walked into Niall's apartment. Niall's dark apartment may I add.
Earlier today Niall texted me that he would leave his door open for me to let myself in.
So, here I was...walking through his dark apartment in search for him.

Did he forget?

Throwing that thought behind me, I continued through the house until I saw some light coming from Niall's room.

Oh no, what has he done this time.

Curiously, I tiptoed towards Niall's room as if I was on a tight rope. When I stood before Charlie who was sitting right in the doorway, I picked him up for a cuddle.


Was all I could come up with when I spotted Niall sitting in the center of candles with two plates of spaghetti.

"Come sit." He tapped the floor in front of him. I did so, and Niall sat a plate of spaghetti in my lap.

"Why are we eating in your room on the floor?" I laugh putting my hair behind my ear.
"I thought it would be romantic." He shrugged digging his fork into the plate of spaghetti.
"You're something else." I shake my head while repeating his actions.

"Kamryn," He asked making me look up "Open your mouth." He held up a plane noodle.
Struggiling to hold back a laugh I open my mouth for him to put the noodle in my mouth and before I could reply he was putting his mouth on the other end.

As I caught on I began to bite down on the hot string in my mouth, slowly bringing it in bite by bite. As Niall did the same we eventually met in the middle just like the lady and the tramp kiss.

The only difference was, we didn't separate. Our plates were long forgotten when Niall crawled closer to me. My hands found there way to his cheeks instinctively as a reaction of our lips molding together like a perfect sculpture.
Eager for more I crawled onto his lap my hands now playing with his natural brunette hair at the nape of his neck. At the same time his hands were going up and down my blue jean covered legs. However he tapped them a bit before he pulled away for air only to throw off his black shirt. After achieving his desired task he ravenously pulled me back my head and continued our unfinished work. Only this time his tongue sneakily slipped through my pink lips massaging my tongue. The filling I had come quite accustom to.

"Bed Niall." I moaned after Niall slipped my shirt off and unclasped my bra in one swift motion.
"Floor Kamryn." He grabbed my shoulders to lay me back on the floor, ensuring there were no burning candles in our way.

He massaged my nipples for a bit while I ran my hands up and down his arms.
I pulled him back down with a desire for the sweet taste of his lips.
Though Niall has different ideas as he trailed his lips all over my body making his way lower kiss by kiss.

"Kamryn." Niall, I wanted to say moaned, but it was more like a pleasurable 'hmm' rather then a moan.

"Hmm." I replied on his lips that were now connected with mine again.

"I love you."
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