Chapter Fourty Nine

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Kamryn Kelly_____________

"Holy cow."

December second, one day before my birthday we were finally in Hawaii. Niall and I had just stepped into our hotel. If I chose gorgeous to describe this room, you would have no idea what it looked like because gorgeous was simply an understatement.  In front of the door was tile that led to a miniature kitchen consisting of a few counters a sink and a fridge. Across from the kitchen were two elegant white couches facing each other with flowers on the pillows. Between the two couches was a glass coffee table that held random magazines and some pottery. To the right of the couche was a massive window over looking the big blue ocean.

"Niall?" I gasped.

"Lets go check out our bedroom." Niall walked  around me and slipped through a door that was placed beside the front door. I giddily followed him and again gasped at the sight before me. A king sized blue bed took up the majority of the room with fluffy white pillows and a smaller one that said 'What happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii'.
Above the bed was another window that overlooked the ocean that matched my beautiful boyfriend's eyes. To the left of the bed was what I guessed to be the bathroom door. Before I even knew what I was doing my feet carried me into the bathroom. unlike the hotel room its self, this was more Hawaii themed. A bathtub sat to my rite with colorful flowers around. The sink was marvel mutch like Niall's at home. There was a his and a her sink, Niall will probably greatly appreciate that. A huge mirror was hung above the sink with the flower necklesses hung on each corner.

"Well babe, suit up. We're going to the beach."

"Why?" I turned around to see Niall already in his swimming trunks.

"You'll see."

With that said I put all my clothes up before putting on my swim suit.

"Now will you tell me what we're gonna do?" I asked once we were both in swim wear and on our way down to the resort.


like a baby, I crossed my arms and pouted until we got to the first level where I followed Niall out a door that led to the beach. A tan man with black hair dressed in a wet suit met us half way.

"Hey guys, ready to have some fun." He shook Niall's and my own hand." Just go through the shack fill sign some papers and we'll get you two in a life jacket.
The man pointed to a blue shake that had a sign that read 'Aloha'.

So Niall and I went into a shack much like the one at the hike, but this time I could understand what this nice lady was saying. After signing all the papers required the lady filled out a wrist band to put on Niall's wrist. Me, being the spoiled girlfriend I am, stopped her.

"But I wanna where the wrist band." I whispered to Niall and he just laughed pulling his wrist away.

"Do you mind putting the bracelet on my girlfriend's wrist. Those aggravate me." Niall lied
"Oh yeah, that's fine. Can I have your left hand please. Other left."

and of course, I gave her the wrong wrist. You're turning 23 tomarrow and you still embarres yourself like this, good job Kamryn you deserve a cookie.

The kind lady fastened the bracelet on my wrist. It read "Horan(2) age: Adult'


We went back out onto the hot beach and got our life jackets before instructed to go stand in line. We were about to ride one of those banana boats. I saw two in the distance riding the waves easily, another going a bit faster. Every time a boat would come in shore the six people would fall off into the soggy sand with smiles to the moon.

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