Chapter Seven

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I wanted to post this chapter now, and I'll try to post another one as soon as possible. This is because I may not be able to update this weekend or next! This weekend I'm helping out with this Easter hunt at my church. Then I'll be leaving for the beach. So I'll try to update twice or maybe three times this week!
Niall Horan_______________

Shit shit shit shit shit shit! You shit head! Dumb ass! I was scolding my self with guilt as I was about to leave her apartment, but then I heard her crying!

You dumb ass!

I had to know she was okay. So I slipped off my shoes and went to sit on her couch and wait for her to calm down. About an hour later she came out of her room.

"What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay!"

"Niall, he was my best friend, we did everything together. We had things only we knew about. So no I'm not okay! Please leave!"


"Niallll please leave please." Now she was begging me. Tears were like a marathon running down her cheeks. Her eyes were red and puffy?, she was just full out begging me to leave. "Niall please leave, please leave! Please please please." She took a breath. "I want to be alone ple-ase leave. I don't want yo-you h-hear! I- I want Matt, leave please. I- I wa-nt to- be alone. I don't ev-er w-want to- to see you a-gain!"

She was now chocking due to lack of oxygen from her endless crying. I don't care if she wanted me to leave. She needed to stop choking. So I went up to her and hugged her. I expected her to fight but she just laid her head on my shoulder and cried.

This was weird because I've never hugged anyone but my mom. I didn't like people touching me, I liked my personal space.

"I miss him so m-much."

"Kamryn I'm so sorry!" She was finally starting to calm down, so I picked her up and carried her to her room.

I sat her in her bed and pulled the covers over her as her dog jumped up in the bed.

"You still want me to leave?"

She nodded before saying. "You smell horrible." She stifles a laugh.

"Good, it means I've been working hard. I came straight from practice ."
She gives me a small smile as I hold up my arm flexing."You okay now?"

"No." She bites her lip. "I'll never be okay, but I have to be brave and go on with life."
I had no response so I turned around to pet her dog. "Her name is Pearl, she was mine and Matt's. He bought her a couple months before he died."
Again I was speechless.

"Well I'm gonna leave you alone." I pet the dog one last time before getting up.



"Thank you!"

"For what?"

"Staying to make sure I was okay and calming me down."

I shrugged.

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