Chapter Eight

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PLEASE IGNORE MY HORRIBLE WRITING! I wanted to get one last chapter up for you guys before I disappear for a week.

Previously on The Beauty and The Jerk:
"Stay out of my life Niall Horan. You get on my n-" a loud crash was heard before she could finish her sentence.

"Kamryn? Kamryn? Answer me!"

"Niall." She let out a troubled cry.

Niall Horan_______________

"Niall." She let out a troubled cry.

"Kamryn." I jumped to my feet grabbing my keys quickly reaching for the door. "Where are you."
She never answered.  I ran to the end of the hall skipping the elevator, going for the steps down to the parking building. "Are you gonna answer?"

"I- I don't know."
Syrians filled the background along with panicked voices.

"Kamryn are there other people around you?"


"Hand the phone to them."


"Because I said so, do it now!" Seconds later a mans voice rings through the phone.


"Sir, can you tell me where she is?"


"Because she needs me!" I strain. "I'm coming to get her!"

"Marybery road." (Soooo I just made that up)

Without another word I hung up and started my car speeding out of the parking complex.

I eventually met a long line of cars. Like many, I parked behind the line of cars and got out running down the side walk. A car wreck. Kamryn was in a car wreck. My pace quickened until I saw Kamryn sitting on a side walk.

"Kamryn." I squatted down beside her. "What the hell happened."

"I got t-boned." She put her head in her hands.
I lift my head  observing the scene in front of me. Kamryn's small old car was dented by a larger white car who, as Kamryn said, t-boned her.
Luckily it wasn't a bad wreck. No one was hurt. The other lady was standing outside her car talking on the phone.

"It's alright Kamryn no ones hurt. It's a very small crash."

"Mmmm." She muffled into her hands.

"What's that?"





"Hey, look your alive. Look at me." I pull her face out of her hands to look at me. "Matt was looking down on you, he protected you." I muttered not really knowing what to say. "You're fine."

"Yeah, I know." She breathed. "It's just."


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