Chapter Twenty

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Niall Horan________________

"Just someone?" She asked.

"I wanted you."

"Oh." She paused. "Would you like anything?" She handed me a menu ready to change the subject.

"Get me some biscuits and gravy with some some coffee."

"Okay." She smiled and went to put my order in. I saw her come out a few minutes later and assist some other customers weather it be serving them or checking them out at the register.
About five minutes later she went back to the kitchen and brought out a plate holding biscuits and gravy.

"Here you go."

"Can I go ahead and pay?"

"Sure, your total is $3.99"

I pulled out a twenty dollar bill. "Keep the change." I winked.


"Hey Kamryn." An elderly woman shouted. "Take a break."

"Oh thank you." She smiled taking off her apron to talk to me.

"I'm not keeping this." She pushed back the change.

"Yes, you are."

"Niall I'm not your charity case."

"I know."

"Take it."


"You either take it or I'm putting it all in the cash register." She put her hands on her hips.
Before I could refuse my phone started ringing... Liam. Kamryn gestured for me to answer so I did?

"What's up?"
"Hey Niall, sorry this is last minute but I can't go with you on Thursday."
"You can't? What why?"
"My mom wants me to come home for my sister's graduation."
"Family comes first Niall."
"So you're gonna leave me alone?"
"Niall, you would ditch me for your mom."
"Point taken."
"I won the game."
"Alright bud have a good time."
"I will."

I let out a small wine and laid my head on top of my arms.

"Something wrong?"

"My brother and his wife invited me to their beach house to spend a few days with my nephew. I was gonna take Liam but he can't go. Now I'm gonna be alone beca-"

"I'll go with you." My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as her eyes were wide in surprise.

"Why do you want to go?"

"No I'm sorry, I shouldn't of said that! Ignore me."

"Well I mean, I'll take you."

"No you don't have too."

"No for real, why not? We're together almost everyday anyway."

"I don't have enough money to go on a trip."

"You would if you kept your change, but it's all on me."

"I'm not your charity case Niall."

"Oh come on you know I don't see you like that."

She just bit the inside of the cheek. That was the second time she's mention that. If she really thinks I see her as a charity case then that makes me look like a dick. Just hanging around her out of pity. That's a shitty move, which I try to refrain from doing moves like that around her.

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