Chapter Fiftey

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Kamryn Kelly_________

I stepped out of my car and planted my red hunter boots in the white blanket of snow that covered the sidewalk of Niall's apartment complex. I shut my door and opened the back door to get out my bag of ingredients, Niall's presents, and Pearl.

Today, December 23 Niall and I had planned to gift exchange seeing as I didn't want him to come home with me- ever again- however he did want me to come home for Christmas, but I simply refused to meet his mom just yet.

"Come on baby." I motioned for Pearl to get out of the car. She did, in spite of that when her small feet hit the cold cement she stood on her hind legs pleading me to pick her up.

"I'm sorry Pearl, mommy's hand's are tied. It will be okay." I pet her head and shut the door to make my way into Niall's apartment building.

Niall took the present from my hand when he opened the door five minutes later.
"Hi." I smiled.
"Hi." He kissed me. "Cold outside?" He reached for my Santa hat.

"No don't." I pushed his hand away. "It's part of my outfit."
I was wearing faded jeans and a green ugly Christmas sweater that has Stitch dressed in a Santa holding his dolly and it said 'Dear Santa, I can explain'. My foot apparel were red hunter boots, that just came in, I figured tis the season to treat myself.

"Sorry." He put his hands up in defense.
"I have something for Charlie." I took the big green bag over to his counter to dig through it for Charlie's Christmas outfit that matched Pearls red Christmas dress. "Look at this." I held up a red sweater that said 'Santa's best dog'.
"You're kidding right? Charlie will never wear that."
"Oh speak for yourself." I push passed him to sit beside Charlie one the couch. He excitedly jumped into my lap when I sat beside. He availed me to slip the sweater on him. He shook his head due to the turtle neck, but when he realized it was not coming off he jumped down and went to Niall.

"Don't think about taking it off mister!"
"Fine fine." He rolled his eyes.

"Oh and look." I paused to walk over to my bag. I dug through it to pull out an early present for Niall. "I got a hat for you." I showed him a red Santa hat that was covered in white polkadots and a line of green snow flakes.

"I'm not putting that on." He pointed.
"Yes you are." I smiled reaching up to slid it on his head.
"Ah, you're gonna mess my hair up." He took it off only to reposition it so that his quiff could still be shown.
"Awww look how cute."

The hat went so well with his navy blue polkadot sweater that I may or may not have made him wear as well. I tried to get him to wear his cackies, but he refused.

"Yeah yeah, what do you have planned for us?" He picked up Pearl to greet her, as she has been clawing at his leg since we got here.

"First, we're gonna make some sweets together."

"Very unhealthy but I can make an exception for you." He shakes his head.

"Then, we can eat them while we watch Christmas Vacation and exchange presents." I smiled.

"Sounds fun." He put Pearl down and walked to his pantry. "What ingredients do you need?"

"Nada. I brought everything I need, I only need you as an assistant."

"Okay." He hesitantly stepped away from the pantry. "What do you need?"

"Do you have measuring cups?"
"I don't know what those are?" He scratched his head.
"They are plastic cups that look alike but different sizes. They might have measurements on the side of them."

"Oh." He pulls out a drawer filled with numerous unorganized cooking tools and pulls out exactly what I was looking for. "These?"

"Yes perfect, now I need a big bowl."
He walked over to another cabinet and pulled out what I guessed to be his biggest bowl he owned.

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