Chapter Thirty Four

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Kamryn Kelly_____________

Ally: So you know my due date is this weekend.
Kamryn: Yes, I'm aware
Ally: Are you coming home?


Kamryn: If you would like me to.

Ally: It would be helpful if you could watch Peyton.

Kamryn: Alright, I'll come in Saturday. Good?

Ally: Thank you, you're the best sister ever.

Yeah I know, wish you would return my favors sometimes.

Pushing that thought aside, I decided to ignore her for the night. So I put my phone away and went to bed. I was too stressed to change into my pajamas so I just took my jeans off and got in bed because, good night stressful situatio- my phone buzzed.
UGH what does the world want from me. Leave me alone.

Niall⚽️: Good night Kam, see you tm😘❤️

Kamryn: Goodnight Niall ❤️❤️😘.

I sent the message, edited his contact to where he had a heart beside his soccer ball, and finally I dropped my phone enabling me to fall into a blissful slumber.

The next morning I woke up to another text.
What the heck, go away world and let me sleep. It's like 3:00 in the morning.
Groaning, I rolled over to grab my phone to see a text from Niall.

Sent at 8:30
Niall ⚽️❤️: I'm coming over after practice.

Kamryn: Kay.

Niall: I know you're not a morning person. Sorry for waking you up. Go back to sleep babe❤️😉💤

One step ahead of you Niall.
My rose gold iPhone fell from my hand, and  I gladly returned to my sleep.

Two minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Annah." I groggily yelled. "Hit uh ore."

I  soon heard my door opening and a,

"Kamryn, it's Niall."

"Niall has soccer practice. You're just trying to get me out of bed." I mutter stuffing my head deeper into the pillows. "Get out."

She does as told and leaves my room only to open it again.

"Kamryn get up." This time a much deeper voice was heard, the deep voice of my boyfriend.

"Why are you here, you have soccer practice."
"It's 11:30, practice is over."
"Either come get in bed with me or leave."
"Alright that's it." Niall yanked my blankets off me, cold air replacing my blanket over my naked legs.
Uh oh... I slept in my underwear last night... my purple and blue polkadot underwear.

"Niall." I squealed grabbing the blanket.
"Awww look how cute." He pulls the blanket back and slaps my butt.
"No, they look like something a twelve year old little girl would wear." I pout getting out of bed to put some purple plush shorts on.

"Hey, I got you out of bed." He hugged me from behind and kisses my neck. "If that's what It takes I'd be glad to do that every morning."

"You're sweaty." I push him away.
"Oh, am I?"
"And you stink."
"No, I don't think so." He smiled putting his arms around me after smelling his underarms.

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