Chapter Sixteen

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Niall Horan_____________

"Why do you guys always bring her up."

Liam, Harry, Louis and I were working out together in my gym. Surprise surprise they just had to bring up Kamryn.

"Cause she hot as fuck." Louis said.

"You also always seem to be doing something with her." Liam added.

"No I don't."

"Fine, what did you do yesterday when you declined our offer to come have a beer."

"I was busy." I shrugged turning up my speed on the tread mill.

"Busy with what?" Harry winked.

"I had stuff to do."

"Admit it Horan you were with that Kamryn girl."

"Quit calling her that Kamryn girl. Her name is Kamryn not Kamryn girl. Call her Kamryn." I stress stopping the treadmill to bench press.

"Sorry." Louis through his hands up in defense.

"She just needed help so I was being a nice person."

"You, a nice person." Harry snorted.

"Why does no one think I'm nice."

"You have a bit of a temper problem." Liam advised.


"So what happened."

Do they have to know every detail.
"Guys we didn't have sex end of story."

"Do you like her."

"No." I snapped on the bomb.

"Then why are you always with her."

"She's a good friend."

"Friends with benifits." Louis looked at Harry and gave him a high five.

"Shut up." I rack the bar and leave to make my self a protein shake.

"Awww is Horan mad because he has a little crush on Kamryn." They follow me.

"I don't, leave guys I'm going to take a shower."

"Dang okay." Louis and Harry left, but Liam stayed.


"Come on bro lets talk, you tell me everything."
I looked down and signed before letting out an angered breath I'd been holding.

"Kamryn's ex boyfriend punched her, I helped her by putting ice on it that's all!"

"Bro do you have a crush on her."
He hikes himself up on the counter.

"I tell myself that I don't."

"But you do."


"Niall you do."

"Fuck!" I slam my hand down on the counter "this is all so dam frustrating, I haven't had a crush on anyone since I Missy More from 3rd grade. I don't do these things. But she's so dam beautiful. I try to be an ass to her, but her blue eyes get me every fucking time. I can read them, I freaking know what she's thinking or how she's filling when I look into her clear blue glistening eyes. What the hell is that, how Psychotic is that." I throw my hands in the air. "Her smile, it doesn't happen a lot but when I catch her smiling it's like looking in a mirror. Straight white teeth along with her pinkish lips. Liam I've thought about kissing them they look so good, I want to taste them so bad. But I'm afraid it'll go to far and I'll try to get her into bed. I can't do that to her because she's to fucking innocent. Her innocence. God her  innocence. It makes me fill like I have to be there to make sure it's safe and no one takes it. Oh but her skin, the freckles scattered below her eyes, I've never seen that before on a girl it's like sprinkles on top of a cake.
Then she's so pale Liam. So pale, and when she sleeps it's even more pale. Her boobs, there not small but they aren't big like the ones I'm used to. Her butt, dam her but looks good. It's not flat like a piece of wood, but it's not Kardashian material. It's perfect two round little apples i'd like to grab. Why do I freaking pay attention to these things. She's so shy, and quite and I know exactly why, I listened why. I never listen to anyone's problem. Why do I listen to her's. I take up for her all the time. I'm an ass to the guys about it, because you treat her like a slut. I fill as if I have to take up for her. Liam, I have a crush on this little girl. It fucking scares me Liam. I'm scared of it. Do you know how many times I've left her high and dry because I don't want to fill what I fill. I left her yesterday after reading a definition that perfectly described her. Beautiful, intelligent, honest and good- hearted. I don't know what to do. I don't do this crap. I do one night stands. I know I can't have a one night stand with her and it doesn't bother me Liam, I just like being around her. Then she's really nice when I'm an ass. She's so quit,soft, and hurt but I fill like I bring that out of her, I fill like I have to bring it out of her to make her happy!"

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