Chapter Thirty Two

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Niall Horan________________

Kamryn was reading the last note, this was my que. I walked closer to wrap my arms around her waist. God I hope she likes the notes. She turns around at the touch of my arms.

"How long did this take you?" She smiles.

Alright that's a good sign, she's smiling.

"Not important."
"I love it, all of it, thank you so much."

Point 1 for Niall

"Kamryn." I pull out 'The Beauty and The Beast' movie from the basket Hannah helped put together. "I was a jerk with you from the start and I still am, but I'll be your jerk if you'll be my beauty. The beauty and the Jerk. Be my girlfriend?" I ask nervously.

She's not answering. Oh no, she's gonna say no. We're just friends. She doesn't like me, she hates me. I'm a horrible person. This is so embarrassing! I worked so hard! She probably thinks I'm delusional. She's gonna say-

"Yes." She looks down to the paved sidewalk, but I wasn't having any of that bull shit!
She was finally mine!
To show my ecstasy I quickly grabbed her and lifted her up in the air spinning her around.

"Kiss me!" I smiled.
"Yes sir." She looked down at me before attaching our lips leading to an amazing make out session.

"Alright break it up!" Hannah ruined the moment.

"You knew." Kamryn put her hand on her hip. Me, not wanting to let go put my arm around my girlfriend's shoulder.

"For how long?"
"Two days."

For the past week I'd been questioning if this was really worth all the sweat, long hours of rhyming, all the peices of paper, late night work. I questioned if I even wanted to have a girlfriend. If only I knew all along this was the filling I would get. I wouldn't have questioned it a bit. She's an amazing girl. I'm not gonna mistreat or hit her like that Ramon guy. I'm gonna pick her up when she's down, and protect her in every way! All I can say is; Thanks Matt, for choosing me to be with your sister.

"I'm gonna let you two do whatever you want to do." Hannah rolled her eyes. "Go have fun, I'll be at the house."
She did as said and made her way back to the apartment building.

"What do we do now?" Kamryn giggles.

I look down to my watch to see its around 12:00.
"Lunch?" I suggest.
"Sure, where at?"
"How about 1905, our first date we ever had?"
She smiles loving the idea. So what it's a bit cheesy. Everyone likes a bit of cheddar in life.
"Our first date as friends. Our first date as boyfriend and girlfriend." She grabs my hand and kisses me on the lips.

"Perfect." I break away to say and briefly attach our pink lips after the fact.

"Come on my car is just around the corner."

"So are you gonna let me pay now that I'm your boyfriend?" I tease.

"Would there be a difference?" She perks an eyebrow.

"Nope!" I pop the 'P'.
"What are you thinking about getting?" She changes the subject.

"Same thing I had on our first date."

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