Chapter Twenty Eight

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Kamryn Kelly_______________

It was Wednesday morning and I was on my way over to Niall's before work. Me being me, I left my perfume at his house from when I spent the night with him.

"Hello." He opened the door looking a bit angry.

"Hey uhm, I think I might have left my perfume hear." I bite my lip at his angry appearance.

"Yeah sure, come in." He steps to the side letting me in, his angry face fading away. "Go look wherever you think it is in getting ready for something." He messes up my hair and walks away. I take the all too familiar journey to the guest room. Just as I expected my perfume was sitting on the counter next to the sink. After grabbing it I quickly left and met Niall in the hallway.

"Oooooh you look fancy." I smile.

"M'going golfing with a friend of mine." He slips his hands into his black puma shorts pockets that went perfect with a blue puma shirt.
How does he manage to look good in everything.


"Yeah we're gonna do 18 holes and then go somewhere for lunch around 11:00."

"Hey come to the Coffee house, I'll make you guys a sandwich or whatever and give you a little discount." I offer.


"Yeah why not." I shrug. "Anything for a friend!" Friend.

"I might take you up on that offer."

"Alright, well I'm gonna get going see yuh." I smile.

"Not so fast!"
He pulls me in for a tight hug messing up my hair again.

"Quit!" I whine.

"Had to."
"Bye Niall."
"Bye Kam."

"Hey Kathy."


"Im gonna stay maybe thirty minutes later today, I have a few friends coming to eat lunch around 11:00."

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